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No one enters a relationship with a timeframe in mind. People get into a relationship because they want it to last forever, and we’re sure you want yours to too. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. There are dozens of reasons why relationships come crumbling down, but the good news for you is that there are many ways you can make yours work. And today, our Houston matchmaking experts reveal the top ten secrets to help you solidify your own relationship.

Having your dream woman accept going on a date with you is a piece of cake compared to what it takes to make a relationship be successful. Now, making a relationship happy and successful requires a lot of work. Let us say it again, it requires a hellulva lot of work!

Creating and maintaining a relationship that will withstand the test of time will be hard, but it can be done, and it will be done if you’re ready to give it your all. The fact that you’re here reading this blogs tells us you want to put in the efforts to fix your relationship and that you’re ready to do whatever it takes to make it work.

This is not a cheesy blog you’ll find on the internet. Our Houston matchmaking experts have over twenty-five years of experience, and we want to share our insight with you. We have taken the time to write this and let you in on the secrets of what it takes to truly make a relationship work. Get ready to find out a simple, yet effective guide to maintaining a happy and successful relationship.

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1. Don’t Be Complacent

Complacency kills relationships; in fact, complacency can destroy many aspects of someone’s life. Going out with the woman (or man) of your dreams for one or two dates does not guarantee a successful relationship. Sure, this means you have made it through the first, but it requires a lot more than that. Once you’re in a relationship, you have to make efforts to make your partner stay in love with you, that’s right, 365 days a year. You need to know that it takes time and efforts to maintain a successful relationship. Trust us, it doesn’t happen like it does in the movies.

2. Be Vocal about the Things You Like

Boredom, frustration, and irritations can dampen the spark between you and you partner, and more and more of the same things can kill the flame. Make your relationship a priority so it can thrive with success.

Our Houston matchmaking experts encourage you to compliment your girlfriend or boyfriend, help them around the house, or just give them a quick call to let them know you’re thinking about them. But be sure your compliments are heartfelt and follow them up with eye contact and a smile.

3. Touch Each Other

Human touch helps us release feel good endorphins, so take advantage of this. Hold your partner’s hand when walking, brush their hair with your hand, or give them a quick smooch in the morning. Revive the ways you used to touch during the early stages of your relationship. A kiss on the forehead will go a long way.

4. Eyes Forward

Women especially, are known for giving their partner’s a good fight for things they did months or even years ago. But if you want your relationship to last, you have to let the past where it belongs. Unless you have invented a time machine that can take you back, leave the past in the past. Consistently obsessing about the hurtful things your partner did in the past is detrimental to your relationship. You need to learn to accept it and move forward to create better memories together.

5. Stop Blaming Them for Everything

It’s tempting to blame your partner when you feel down, angry, bored, or stress out, but that’s what teenagers do. Nobody wants to be blamed for everything, especially the relationship issues. Making your partner feel like the bad guy all the time is not good for the relationship. When you address your own flaws and look beyond your partner, good things happen.

6. Improve Your Communication

Yes, you have probably heard it a thousand times already, but our Houston matchmaking experts know communication is the key to a happy and everlasting relationship. If you can’t communicate with your partner because you’re afraid of confrontation or of hurting each other’s feelings, you have problems that need to be fixed. Good communication involves taking a risk and opening up to your partner. Let your partner know you’re stressed out without bottling things up.

7. Keep Your Relationship a Priority

Those relationships that sit on the backburner eventually die away. Whether you work six days a week or are always busy taking your kids to their soccer games and gymnastics classes, you need to figure out a way to spend time with your partner. Whether it’s by going on a date or simply having date night at home, don’t let quality time slip by. Check in with your partner whenever you can and figure out a way to start dating each other again.

8. Learn to Fight Right

Fighting right doesn’t mean knowing how to throw the most hurtful blow. It means discussing the issues and respecting each other in the process. Couples that fight right know how to address the issue at hand and how to fix it without extra stress. Don’t call each other names, don’t raise your voices. You must sit down and talk like two mature adults.

9. Be Best Friends

Happy couples are happy because they are best friends. They can count on each other to listen and always show support. If you want to be your partner’s best friend, you must acknowledge and respect them. Don’t try to control them or change them. Accepting each other creates a sense of safety and security, which our Houston matchmaking experts know is vital for a happy relationship.

10. If It Won’t Kill You, Let It Go

Do not amplify problems. The goal of problem solving is to make them go away. Would it kill you if he did not clean the dishes or did not put the toilet seat down? Would it kill you if she forgot to pick up your dry cleaning? If you want your relationship to last, then you need to pick your battles wisely.

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