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Jealousy is something everyone experiences in life. We all feel it from time to time and for many different reasons, but when jealousy becomes too much, it can cause problems in a relationship.

At first, you probably thought it was nice to see someone get jealous and protective of you; however, our Houston matchmakers know the act gets old quick. When you can’t even talk about a male friend or coworker without your boyfriend flipping out about it, something must be done. Today, our expert matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service will provide you with some helpful tips to put an end to your boyfriend’s jealousy.

Successful relationships consist of two people who fully trust each other. If your boyfriend gets jealous of any man, it means he’s worried you’re going to leave him. Of course it’s nice to know someone cares for you so much, but he must learn to trust you if he wants the relationship to be successful. Unfortunately, you cannot control his actions.

Today, our Houston matchmakers will show you some simple ways to handle your boyfriend’s jealousy.


1. Bring Him Around Your Friends

If your boyfriend gets jealous when you hang out with your guy friends, then why not invite him to come along the next time you do it? Let him know who your friends are so he stops feeling jealous about them. Once he realizes your friends are nice and they treat you in the right way, his jealousy should let up a bit.

2. Don’t Give Him a Reason

Do you give your boyfriend any reason to be jealous of you? If you’re always talking about certain men being so attractive, or you have a wandering eye, then it’s no wonder he’s feeling insecure and jealous.

You should not disrespect your boyfriend by doing those things, especially if you already know he’s the jealous type. Although we all have eyes and can look at anyone we want, you are in a relationship and should tone it down a bit. Think about it, what would you do if your boyfriend was blatantly checking out a hot blonde with a miniskirt?

3. Figure Out Why

Do you know why your boyfriend gets jealous? Do you know if he had an ex who cheated on him in the past? If so, maybe that’s what makes him so jealous of you now. If your boyfriend is insecure about his own looks, our Houston matchmakers suggest you start giving him a few compliments here and there. We also encourage you to let him know that just because his ex cheated on him, it doesn’t mean you will too.

4. Learn to Compromise

Does your boyfriend only get jealous when you talk to a certain guy? If this guy is known to be a player, then you are going to have to do something about this. You might not want to lose your friendship with this guy, but if he has a reputation of flirting with women who have boyfriends, and he doesn’t show you and your man the respect you deserve, then you’re going to have to do something about it. If you talk to someone who doesn’t respect your relationship, then your boyfriend has every right to be jealous. Imagine how you would feel if your boyfriend was talking to a known man stealer. Understand where we’re coming from here?

5. Shower Him with Affection

When the two of you are out socializing and there are other men around, you need to make sure you pay close attention to your boyfriend. You don’t have to be attached at the hip, but you should let every man in the place know that you’re taken. If you ignore your boyfriend and pay more attention to someone else, your boyfriend is going to get jealous very easily.

6. Explain the Situation at Hand

If your boyfriend is jealous about a certain friend, you need to talk to that friend about it. Tell him he shouldn’t do certain things because your boyfriend doesn’t like it. If this friend talks to you via text message and it upsets your boyfriend, you might have to put an end to that too. This way you can keep your friendship with this guy, yet you have set up boundaries to help ease your boyfriend’s nerves.

7. Create Rules

He can’t expect you not to talk to your male friends if he has a lot of female friends himself. If your boyfriend is unreasonably jealous, then our Houston matchmakers know a sit-down conversation might be at hand. During this conversation, you can explain the new rules you want to create for the both of you. Setting boundaries in your relationship will mean you both have to follow the same rules and that it’s not unfair for either party.

8. Cut It Out

If you have already tried every trick in the book, it’s now time to get mean. Tell your boyfriend that his behavior is now unacceptable and you will no longer put up with it. It sounds harsh, but it’s the last card you have to play. You cannot continue to be with someone who is always jealous and stressing you out. Too much jealousy in a relationship is not healthy.

9. Get Therapy

See if your boyfriend would agree to go to a couple’s counselor. A professional therapist might be able to help him work on his jealousy issues. Sometimes, it takes the help of an outsider to get to the bottom of the problem. Either way, this is your last option before breaking up.

10. Break Up If You Must

If your boyfriend is not willing to change his behavior and continues to have jealous outbursts, it might be time to break up with him. You can’t continue a relationship with someone who is always jealous. Yes, it might hurt to break his heart, but sometimes moving on is the best thing.

Jealousy is a normal emotion that all humans feel, so don’t blame your boyfriend if he feels jealous occasionally. However, if his jealousy gets out of hand, it’s time to take action. You cannot have a happy and successful relationship if he’s always yelling at you for talking to male friends or putting extra strain on the relationship with his uncontrollable jealousy.

If you’re single and searching for a man who is ready for a serious and meaningful relationship, contact our Houston matchmakers today and let us help you find the healthy love you deserve!


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