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As a Baytown dating service with over 30 years in the Houston dating industry, we know women face a plethora of worries and doubts in the dating world. Maybe that’s why you’re here today.

Chances are, if you’re reading this article right now, you’re probably drinking coffee and reading love horoscopes. Perhaps you’re wondering if your love interest has the same feelings for you… If he really loves you or not.

Is it because your boyfriend still has not professed his true feelings for you? Is it because you are so confused about the way he behaves around you? We always want to hear those three words to feel bliss and to confirm to ourselves that he’s head over heels for us too. But little do we know there are many other ways we can find out if a guy loves us.

Are you ready to find out how your guy truly feels for you? Do you want to know if he’s love struck by you too? Today, our Baytown dating service is going to reveal the top signs he loves you.

1. He listens.

If he has been silent and kept those three little words to himself, do not panic; this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you.

The next time you’re with your love interest, pay close attention to him when you talk. If a man really cares about you, every time you open your mouth to speak, it will be vital for him to take in every word you say. Does he refrain from interrupting? Does he nod in agreement, ask questions, and engage in conversation? Later on, does he remember what you said?

2. All eyes on you.

Does he look at you like you’re one of a kind? Does he look like you’re his entire world?

If so, then that is all you need to believe that he does have feelings for you. It’s important that you’re able to differentiate a look of lust from the look of true love.

If he does love you, it will be a look of awe. He will look at you like you’re the most beautiful person in the whole world. He won’t be able to stop looking at you. Even if there are more people in the room. Not only will he look at you adoringly, but he’ll pay attention to you. If you’re with other people, he’ll be most attentive to you.

3. He gets nervous around you.

When a man’s in love with a woman, he’ll likely get a little nervous around her. He might start fidgeting and running his hands through his hair. If he does these types of things around you, it’s a good sign that he does have feelings for you. Aww, it’s really romantic that he gets so nervous around you. Once he gets more comfortable around you, he’ll start to behave a little more comfortably, so don’t miss those early signs that he does have feelings for you.

Once these feelings turn into real love, this nervousness will subside and he’ll become comfortable and secure in your presence.

4. He is always by your side.

Life is not always sunshine and rainbows, so one way to tell if a guy is really in love with you is when you have a bad day. If something bad happens in your life, you’ll want to pay attention to how he responds on those days. If he loves you, he will constantly assure you that he is there for you. You’ll feel that he’s supporting you no matter what life brings your way. He won’t turn his back, avoid you, or make you feel all alone. No, no, no. He’ll be there to support you and keep you motivated to keep plugging along.

5. He wants to introduce you to family and friends.

Guys are very protective of those they care about. No guy wants to go through the hassles of bringing a woman around his family if he doesn’t plan on keeping her around too long. If your guy has already introduced you to his friends and wants to introduce you to his family, you can rest assured he’s not planning on going anywhere. He sees you in his future. Better yet, if you’ve already met his friends and family and get along well, you’re good to go. This guy sees you as a keeper.

If you’ve been trying to figure out how your guy really feels about you, examine your everyday life with him. Do you notice any of these five signs? If so, take a seat, pat yourself on the back, and enjoy the next stage of your relationship.

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