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You dated your fair share of women in the past and have always enjoyed keeping your options open. However, lately there is this one special woman who has you wondering if maybe she is the one. She is always on your mind and you find yourself thinking about what it would be like to spend the rest of your life with her. The moment thoughts like this start coming to your mind, our Houston matchmakers know it’s usually a sign you’re beginning to fall in love. But that is just one of the many signs you’re falling for this woman.

Today, our Houston matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service will review the top ten signs you’re falling for this special woman.

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1. You’re Over Your Ex

More often than not, a breakup is followed by a period of time where you are left wondering if you made the right decision. And these doubts will pop up again and again until you are completely over your ex.

Ever since you met this new woman, there isn’t any sign of your ex, not in your head or your heart. She has been completely wiped out of your mind and you have moved on. You can’t even recall the last time you were together, where you met her, or anything else you used to think about over and over after the breakup. In fact, you can’t even imagine any other woman besides this new one, and this is when you know you’re heading to the love department.

2. You Can’t Stop Thinking about Her

This is another good sign you’re falling in love. If she pops into your mind all day long, and you begin losing interest in other things, then you are already in love. You are constantly wondering what she is up to, where she is at, and what she is thinking about herself.

When you are out with your friends or driving around, you always see or hear something that reminds you of her, like that upbeat love song on your radio every morning. If she is on your mind when you wake up and when you go to bed, then you have already been stung by the love bug.

3. You Care a Lot about Her

There is a reason why you really didn’t want to know more information about those women you only had a fling with, and that’s because you didn’t care about them or if they stuck around. However, when you’re in love, or falling in love, you will care a lot about that woman and the things she wants. Whether she enjoys going kayaking or is working hard for a job promotion, you want to be able to participate in those things. You want to know what makes her laugh or how she enjoys her coffee in the morning, and our Houston matchmakers know this means you’re falling hard.

4. You Love Her Quirks

The fact that she twirls her hair while watching TV or that she eats ice-cream with a spoon that’s too large, makes you love her even more. She does and says things that are different, but you love her anyways. You can’t put your finger on why you love these things, but the truth is, it doesn’t matter because you love her just the way she is—goofy quirks and all.

5. You Feel Amazing Around Her

When she makes you feel smarter or more attractive than other men, it makes you blush, and that isn’t just admiration, it’s pure. If you feel like you’re on top of the world when you’re with her, that’s another sign you’re falling in love.

6. You Don’t Notice Other Women

Although no one can blame you for noting an attractive woman walking by, if you are falling in love, you will start noticing attractive woman less and less. Furthermore, you have finally hung up your flirt hat and don’t flirt as much as you used to. To you, this woman is the most attractive woman in the room, and you know that other women around don’t matter to you anymore.

7. You Enjoy the Time Spent Together

This one is very obvious, but we need to mention it anyways. You look forward to spending time with her, and you don’t care what the two of you do as long as it’s done together. To you, even a walk at the park or hanging out watching a movie is the best way you could spend your evenings. When you are not spending time with her, you miss her and think about what she is up to, and our Houston matchmakers know this is a great sign you are in love.

8. You Don’t Mind Compromising

When someone you’re dating wants you to be flexible on something you don’t want to budge on, you’re not in love. When this happens, it means you’re still attached to the notion that things must be done your way. However, when you begin falling in love, our Houston matchmakers know you’ll also begin to make compromises. Whether this means getting up early on Saturday mornings to go jogging with her when you used to sleep in late or going to see one of her favorite movies even though you dislike romantic comedies, suddenly her happiness has become the most important thing to you. You bend and make compromises, and you do this because you love her.

9. Everything Else Takes a Backseat

You used to work out religiously, but lately, if she’s free to go out for dinner, you don’t mind skipping that afternoon workout. But it doesn’t just end there, you have been getting your workload done faster so you can spend more time with her. Your ‘so important’ to-do list has been tossed to the side ever since she came into your life. All your errands and important things to do are replaced by spending time with her. Our Houston matchmakers know this is a great sign you’re falling for her, but we also don’t want you to become too dependent or needy. You both need a healthy dose of alone time from time to time.

10. You Begin Thinking about the Future

Thinking about the future with her doesn’t scare you at all. With this woman, you don’t mind thinking about or planning for a future together. Not only do you want to see her this upcoming weekend, but you also want to be with her a year from now. When you think about your next vacation, she is by your side, and when you think of your wedding, it’s with her.

If you are experiencing a handful of these signs, congratulations because it sounds like you found the one!

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