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If you’ve been dating in Houston and aren’t having luck on your own, or you just can’t figure out how your new love interest feels for you, let our Houston Singles matchmakers give you a helping hand.

If you’re like most women, you’ve probably watched the show FRIENDS—over and over again. And if not, you can watch it on Netflix after we catch you up to speed. One of the characters names is Gunther. He’s a manager at a local coffee shop and head over heels for Rachel, the main character.

Over the ten seasons, we see him do just about anything in his power to be with Rachel. He even took her ferocious cat, despite being allergic. But still, Rachel doesn’t see it; she never has an idea he’s into her.

Our point in this story is that sometimes you might not know if a man is into you. But if you know how to tell the signs, you will—and you’ll never miss out on a great dating opportunity again. Most men won’t come out and say it because they’re afraid of being turned down, which is why you need to help him out and give him a few signs you’re into him too.

Whether you like him or not, that doesn’t matter. But knowing that a man is attracted to you will give you the upper hand in the dating world and put you in the driver’s seat. Today, our Houston Singles matchmakers will show you the signs a man is attracted to you.

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Clear Signs He’s Attracted to You

Once you know he likes you, then you can make your move. Today, our Houston Singles matchmakers will show you the signs to keep an eye for while you’re dating in Houston.

1. He Only Sees You

There might be 100 women in a room, but you’ll know if a man is attracted to you if he only has eyes for you. It doesn’t matter if a supermodel walks by, he probably won’t even notice her because all he can see is you. And this is when you know you are the center of his world. He will also remember every word you say and ever little joke you tell. And if he really likes you, rest assured that he’ll find any and every excuse to be near you.

2. He Always Starts Conversation

It could be anything from sending you a good morning text message or just walking up to you and starting a conversation while you sip your coffee. It doesn’t matter what he does, he is always trying to start conversations with you. He is unconsciously marking his territory and letting you know he is into you.

3. He Is Happy When He Sees You

His face seems to light up the instant he sees you. You can tell that he genuinely enjoys running into you and being around you. He always has kind words every time he runs into you, like “Wow, it’s so nice to see you,” or “I’m glad you could make it, I enjoy your company.”

4. He Comes Up with Reasons to Touch You

When a man is attracted to a woman he’ll do whatever it takes to touch her. If he places his hand on your lower back, you know he likes you. If he leans in closer to talk to you, he probably likes you. If he tries to stand close to you, then you know he likes you. These are all things men do when they’re into a woman.

5. He Serves You

Another way to tell if a man is attracted to you is by the way he takes care of you. For example, if you’re at a friend’s party and you run into him, he won’t leave your side. If you need a drink, he’ll get it. If you’re hungry, he’ll escort you to grab a bite. If you need him to walk you to your car, he’ll be happy to do it. Our Houston Singles matchmakers know these are all signs of his affection.

6. He Cancels Plan to Be with You

His friends invited him out for a night on the town, but he would rather go to the movie you’ve been dying to see. His friends invited him to go golfing, but he would rather take you to get your car inspected. If you notice he cancels plans to be with you, it’s because he likes you.

7. He Makes Plans with You

Men only put efforts into the woman they want to be with, and they certainly don’t make plans with just anyone. If he invites you out on dates, or not necessarily dates but outings, then that’s a good sign. If he finds any excuse for you to spend time with him, even if it’s doing something silly like going shopping, taking your dogs for a walk, or anything in between, then you know he likes you.

8. He Is Chivalrous with You

You will know this guy is attracted to you when he is chivalrous with you. If he’s interested in you, he’s going to open the car door for you, pull out chairs, and let you order first. If he’s already doing these things to impress you, enjoy it.

9. He Wants to Get to Know You on a Deeper Level

He won’t just ask you about what you do in your spare time; he wants to know deeper things about you, like where you grew up, how well you get along with your family, why you like your job, and so on. If he’s digging around to find out more information it’s because he wants to pursue something serious with you.

10. He Shares His Feelings with You

Men are not always so great at sharing their feelings, unless, of course, they are attracted to a woman. Sharing his feelings with you means he’s connecting on a deeper level and feels comfortable sharing with you.

It’s a great feeling knowing a man is into you. It gives you the power to know whether you want to pursue things or not; plus, it’s always flattering. Just make sure you don’t use this in a bad way or dating karma will come back around.

If you’re tired of not having any luck with love and dating in Houston, contact our Houston Singles matchmakers today and let us help you. Let us introduce you to quality single men in Houston—let us help you find the man you deserve!

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