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Many Houston singles are unsure what to wear on a first date.  As the leading Houston matchmakers, we know how important first impressions are.  After all, they set the tone for the date and are crucial to win over the man or woman you’re out with.  Showing up to a first date wearing gym clothes for an upscale restaurant, or your highest stilettos for a walk in the park, can surely make for a very awkward first date.

It is very important to dress for the occasion.  The majority of first dates take place over dinner and drinks, coffee and dessert, or a stroll at the park, but no matter your date location, you need to ensure your outfit is appropriate for the activity and location.

how to dress for a date

First Date Tips for Men

If you’re a man, things are a lot simpler.  You need to wear a clean and ironed dress shirt and a nice pair of fitted jeans.  This is the perfect date outfit for a casual date.  You need to stay away from bright colors and prints and choose subtle attire instead.

The woman you’re out with is going to be checking out everything you’re wearing, and she will not only be making judgements on your jeans and shirt but your shoes as well.  If your shoes look like you’ve been wearing them for five years, they are a big no-no for a first date.  Casual boots or loafers are your staples for first dates, but make sure they are of a neutral tone and match your outfit.

To Tie or Not to Tie?

This is a very important question.  Many people will say yes because it makes you look classy, but others will tell you that it makes you look like you’re trying too hard.  As professional matchmakers, we want you to leave a good first impression, but if that’s not who you are and you’ve never worn a tie unless it was for a wedding, then don’t wear one on your date.  On the other hand, if you wear ties a lot, and they’re a part of your regular wardrobe, then go ahead and wear one.

Extra tip: Make sure your belt and watch are also on point.

First Date Tips for Women

As with most things in life, men have it a lot simpler than women.  Ladies, unfortunately things get a little more complex when it comes to choosing what to wear on a first date.  After all, women have a lot of options available, which makes it a little more difficult.

Here at Houston Singles Dating Service, we have a lot of clients that spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to wear on first dates.  And not only do they have to pick the perfect outfit, but they have to decide whether or not to get their hair professionally done, get a mani/pedi, waxes, makeup, etc.  Looking beautiful takes time, and it’s not as simple as throwing on a nice pair of jeans and a dress shirt like it is for men.  Women spend a lot of time trying to get it done right.  And if it doesn’t feel right, they don’t feel right and nothing goes right.

Foolproof Dos & Don’ts for Women

Leg/Boob Rule You Want to Follow

Ladies, if you’re going to show one, make sure you don’t show any others.  This is very important.  Why?  Because you want him to take you seriously.  Yes, showing all your great assets might draw men in, but it won’t be for the right reasons.  You are entitled to flaunt what you got, but if you want to attract a quality man, you must only show one area and keep the rest covered.  Go ahead and pick your best asset and be proud of it.

Skirts, Dresses, or Pants?

We’re going to tell you the truth, ladies.  Most men prefer a feminine woman, which means that a nice, non-revealing dress will be ideal for your first date.  Notice how we emphasized non-revealing?  The outfit needs to be non-revealing because you don’t want to give him the wrong impression.  V-necks and scoop necks work great with longer dresses.  For those who want to wear slacks, a sheer blouse will accompany nice slacks well.

For ladies who like to wear jeans and keep things casual, a low cut top paired with a blazer will look great for your first date.

Now, as far as accessories and hair goes, you want to keep things simple and apply the “less is more” rule here.  Save the gaudy earrings and extravagant hair for nights out on the town with your friends.  Also, remember to pair your outfit with a nice watch.

To wrap things up, as professional matchmakers, we want to tell both sexes that the best thing you can do on a first date is simply be yourself.  They already said yes to you, which means you’ve already done something right.  You have a great personality, so use it to your advantage.  Make it shine during your first date.  Now, as far as your outfit, make sure that it represents you in a good way and leaves them wanting more.

If you would like to become a part of our exclusive Houston matchmaking agency and receive expert advice from the top matchmakers in Houston, fill out the survey at the top of the page so we can assist you today.  We know how terrifying first dates can be, but planning your first date outfit shouldn’t be hard with these expert tips.  Follow the advice above and dress to impress.  No matter what you choose, remember to keep it simple, comfortable, and appropriate.  And remember: the most important thing you can wear on your first date is your beautiful smile.

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