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Hearing the three little words can put you on your knees, but here at Houston Singles Dating Service, we know many men have a hard time saying those three little words.  Luckily for you, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

Women in relationships want to know they’re loved, even if they have been together for years.  It’s no secret that a lot of women get insecure when they don’t hear their partners say those magical words.  However, just because he doesn’t say it often doesn’t mean he loves you any less.  Your new boyfriend or longtime partner doesn’t have to say the words because he’s telling you in his own way, ways you might not have realized.

Even if you can’t get him to say I love you, there are still many different things he does to show you his love, without saying a word.  While grand romantic gestures symbolize love, there are other everyday things he does to symbolize his love for you.  So as much as you wish you could hear him say “I love you” every day, he could be doing one or a few of the things below and is saying I love you his own way.

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1. He gives you thoughtful gifts.

A good gift doesn’t have to break the bank.  In fact, if you think back to some of the best gifts you ever received in your life, they probably didn’t cost much.  Any man can walk into a jewelry store and buy a necklace, but when you think about it, how meaningful is that?  What really melts your heart are those thoughtful gifts you’ve received.

If your boyfriend shows up with your favorite book, band tickets, or even your favorite dessert from the Italian bakery downtown, he’s telling you he loves you in his own way.  A thoughtful present is a man’s way of showing his love.  Your boyfriend clearly listens and pays attention to your wants and needs and is delivering his love via gifts, whether big or small.

2. His puts efforts into getting along with your friends.

Your boyfriend knows how important your friends are to you, which is why they’re important to him too.  He remembers that Katie is a vet assistant at the animal shelter, he knows that Erica is going through some relationship troubles, and that Melissa just got back from a trip overseas.  When your friends come over to visit you, he cracks jokes and is happy to entertain them while you get ready.

He knows that your friends are an extension of you and treats them with respect and kindness.  He also understands that you want to spend time alone with them and never gets in the way of your gal time.  A man who gets along with your friends and doesn’t get in between your friendships is saying I love you.

3. He goes out of his comfort zone for you.

You always wanted to go waterskiing but he’s afraid of the water.  You signed up for improv classes but he has stage fright.  You love sushi but he can’t stand raw fish.  But despite not liking these things, he still does them with you.  What’s important here is that he is stepping out of his comfort zone to show you how much he loves you.  He isn’t afraid to try new things, not because he wants to impress you but because he knows it makes you happy.

If it doesn’t end up being his thing, so be it, but at least tried it just to see you happy.  In fact, he’s willing to try anything just to put a smile on your face.  Conquering his fear of water for you, going in front of people with stage fright, or exploring a new cuisine are all his way of showing that he loves you.

4. He takes care of you when you’re sick.

Your best friend invited you out for some happy hour drinks, but it quickly turned into a girls’ night out in the city until the wee hours of the night.  All you remember is pounding a few too many tequila shots.  You were happy and having the time of your life without hurting anyone.  But now, the next morning is here and you’re sicker than ever.  Your boyfriend doesn’t yell at you or tell you to suck it up.  He goes to the pharmacy to get you Advil for your headache, serves you water to rehydrate, and gets in bed with you just to keep you company.

He is willing to put aside any disgusted feeling he might have had for you and doesn’t even complain about the fact that you went out and had too many drinks.  Although he might tease you down the road about how pathetic you looked that morning, he is there by your side today to make you feel better.  Now that right there is your boyfriend telling you I love you and is a sign of everlasting love.

5. He includes you in his future plans.

There is nothing more reassuring than when he includes you in his future plans.  He tells you that his cousin Mandy is getting married next winter and lets you know that he’s already sent the RSVP card with your name on it.  He heard of an awesome cruise ship that takes off in the summer for two weeks and is already making the vacation plans with you.  You aren’t sure what color your hair will be next year, but, hey, he’s already made plans to be with you.

When a man includes you in his future, he is telling you he loves you.  In previous relationships, you might have been worried that you were not on the same page with your boyfriend, that you didn’t know where things were headed, or if he was invested in the relationship.  But you don’t feel that with him.  You feel completely secure with him and your relationship.  You know he loves you and wants to be with you in the long haul, which is exactly why he includes you in all his future plans.

These are all the ways men say I love you without saying the words.  It’s nice to have a man do all these things for you.  However, finding someone special who does nice things like that can prove to be very challenging in today’s dating scene.  Men are taking longer to commit and making it very hard for women to find relationship-minded men who are able to open up and show their love.  If you can relate and need a little help, fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with the leading VIP dating service in Houston today.  We work exclusively with successful, attractive, relationship-minded singles in Houston to ensure quality matches for our valued clients.

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