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Family problems.

As Houston elite matchmakers with over 30 years in the business of love, we know not everyone is ready for commitment.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to figure out whether or not someone is actually ready for a relationship. Some people act like everything is going wonderful until a few months into the relationship. That’s when the truth suddenly comes out and their true feelings are exposed.

Every girl deserves to be with someone who is willing to be both vulnerable and committed to her. She shouldn’t have to play the guessing game and wonder how he feels.

Today, our elite Houston matchmakers are going to reveal the top signs he’s emotionally distant.

1. He ignores phone calls and texts.

Ignoring texts and calls is never a good sign. When guys ignore phone calls or text messages from their girlfriends, it usually means that they don’t care about the relationship. They do this because they are not mature when it comes to communication.

A guy like his typically doesn’t seem to understand when his girlfriend gets upset about the silence on his end. Honestly, she’s not asking too much from him just to give her an answer. But he will often get on the offensive and act as though she is being too clingy. When a guy does this, it’s a sign that he is emotionally distant in the relationship.

2. He doesn’t trust her guy friends.

Every woman with a group of guy friends has probably encountered this type of problem in her romantic relationship. Many guys just can’t seem to understand that, yes, men and women can be friends without being romantically interested.

A guy who tends to be jealous of your friends often acts this way because he is insecure about himself. And let’s be real, a guy who is still struggling with too many of his own insecurities is not fit to be in a relationship. Remember, a little bit of jealousy is healthy, but too much means that he has problems.

3. He doesn’t make plans for real dates.

Nowadays, it’s common for a guy to think that just hanging out with a girl is an actual date. Netflix and popcorn doesn’t count as a real date. That might count if a guy is 17, but we’re talking about adults here.

A guy who never seems to take the initiative to plan a romantic date night is probably not emotionally invested in the relationship. He is hoping to get away with the bare minimum of effort. In other words, he is being lazy in the relationship. A guy who really cares for his girlfriend will be happy to go the extra mile and plan something fun and romantic.

4. He doesn’t share anything about his past.

Look, a guy who talks about his past all the time is probably not over the past. However, you and your man should have no problem being open with each other about your past. Trying to hide it just comes across as problematic.

A guy who can’t be honest about his past is usually hiding something. Hiding the past is also a sign that he isn’t emotionally mature enough to be in a relationship.

5. He doesn’t make time for her.

It’s one thing if a guy doesn’t put in the effort to plan a real date – but it’s another thing when he just doesn’t give her any time in general. If a guy can’t make time in his schedule – especially if it’s not filled up with important things – then he doesn’t grasp the meaning of a relationship. He doesn’t understand that a relationship takes time, effort, and compromise.

If your guy never makes time for you but always has time for his buddies, the gym, and his car, you know he doesn’t take you seriously. And you don’t deserve to be with this guy.

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