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Unfortunately, immaturity is a huge part of today’s dating scene. But we don’t have to tell you that because you already know. Along your dating journey, you’ve probably come across many immature men in Houston, which is always a big disappointment. It is frustrating when most men don’t view commitment like you do. Sure, we know that it’s very hard to find love in Houston, and it’s even trickier with online dating sites and mobile dating apps. But with the new man in town, the one with the Peter Pan syndrome, too many women in Houston are struggling to meet true gentlemen. So how do you know if the man you’re dating is worth holding onto?

As the most exclusive matchmakers in Houston, we’re here to help you out. We’re going to show you the telltale signs that let you know you’re dating a modern day gentleman. If the man you’re seeing is displaying these characteristics, you’re not dreaming. He’s real, and you need to hang on to him!

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1. He Listens to You

You dated men in the past who rarely listened to the things you said, but not this guy. This guy is always listening to you 100%, maybe even a little more. He always has a response to whatever you’re saying and knows how to continue the conversation. It’s nice to be in the company of someone like that, right? It feels wonderful to finally have someone who is ready to lend you an ear and listen to your latest work story, family drama, or even social gossip.

He listens to you more than your BFF because he actually cares to know about you and everything that’s happening in your life. Just make sure you do the same for him and appreciate him because he’s a true gentleman with great listening skills.

2. He Remembers All the Details

Yep, even the weird way you eat your pizza crust first, your obsession with cats, and your childhood nickname. A true gentleman will remember everything about you, even the smallest things that don’t’ seem to matter. Because he has great listening skills, he remembers even the littlest things you tell him and brings them up in future conversation.

You are going to be shocked when you date a man like this. And if he is already doing this, then don’t let him because he’s a true gentleman. As the most exclusive matchmakers in Houston, we know this is another perk of dating a real man, not another loser.

3. He Plans Elaborate Dates

Even if the two of you are spending time at home, he’s not just going to sit there and watch TV. Oh, no, he isn’t. He will invite you to his place and prepare you a romantic meal before settling in for movie night at home. These are the types of dates that count because they are more romantic and fun than a date on the town. A true gentleman won’t expect you to do the planning of all the dates because he will take matters into his own hands.

This is what separates him from all the losers you dated in the past. The fact that he actually takes time to plan something fun or out of the ordinary shows his true interest in you. He will never force you to do something you don’t like and always takes your interests and incorporates them into dates. Now that right there is a true gentleman.

4. He Isn’t Afraid of Commitment

He can’t be a true gentleman if he won’t commit to you. That means changing his relationship status on Facebook, letting his friends and family know he is dating you, and making it official to the world. If he can’t commit to you, then you’re dating a loser; in other words, you need to walk away.

If he is really interested in you, you won’t have a doubt in mind because he will always have time for you. He will not be afraid to call you his girlfriend or to be seen with you around town. He wants to make it obvious so everyone knows the two of you are dating. Once you date a guy who isn’t afraid of commitment, we know you’ll never look back and never date a commitment-phobe again.

5. He’s Not Selfish

He is tired because his boss unloaded a huge project on his desk. He sat in bumper to bumper traffic. He even split his pants on his way in the door. Basically, he’s had the worst day he’s had in weeks. But he still stops by your apartment and brings you dinner and dessert. He has a horrible cold but attends your sister’s graduation party because he promised you he would. He plans a couples trip to a special place he’s knows you’ve been dreaming of going (not somewhere he ever wanted to go). He always puts you first and makes sure you’re happy with everything.

A true gentleman will never ever be selfish when it comes to you or the relationship. He will always make sure he puts you ahead of himself. When you date a man like this, it’s pretty much like landing in relationship heaven, and you’ll never settle for anything less than a true gentleman in the future.

So tell us, ladies, how many of these signs do you see in the man you’re dating? How does your boyfriend measure up? Is he a loser or a true gentleman? Only you know.

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