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It’s true, quality men are very hard to find today, and they certainly don’t make them like they used to. But why is it so hard to find quality single men in Houston? Unfortunately, it has a lot to do with the dating culture right now.

Today, our Houston matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service are going to show you why quality men are so elusive in today’s modern dating scene.

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1. Many men are holding out for something better.

It’s sad, but it’s true. In a dating world with so many options, men can become immersed in the idea that something better is always around the corner, which is why it’s so hard for women to get men to commit today.

2. Marriage has become obsolete.

Once upon a time, people died to get married. But nowadays, because of the hookup culture, that’s the last thing on many guys’ minds. Not everyone is in a rush to get married; therefore, there’s no rush to get into a relationship and settle down. This makes dating difficult for women who are serious about finding a lifetime commitment.

3. Some men are scared of power.

In comparison to a few decades ago, women today are more independent than ever. This success and power can be very intimidating for many men.

4. Your standards are through the roof.

You might be weeding out all the jerks and player with your standards, but you might also be weeding out great catches. Of course this doesn’t mean you should lower your standards, but if you don’t give men a chance because they don’t fulfill your entire list of requirements, then you might be skipping on potentially great partners. You should narrow down your list while sticking to your deal breakers.

5. You don’t have time to date.

It is unfair to say that quality single men in Houston are hard to find if you’re not putting yourself out there. It’s not likely that he’s just going to magically appear in the grocery store or bond with you in line while you’re grabbing your morning cup of Joe, so you need to put yourself out there and make your love life a priority. Put in the same dating efforts as when you want a job promotion or when you want to shed a few pounds.

6. Some men are just shy.

Just because a guy is a great catch doesn’t mean he’s oozing confidence. In fact, quality men are often the shyest guys—just like the very attractive nerd in your office who doesn’t realize how attractive and amazing he really is to women. Although you might think that even a shy guy will make the first move, that’s not always the case. A lot of guys are afraid of rejection, especially shy guys.

7. Dating apps and online dating don’t work.

If you’re looking to meet quality single men in Houston but are relying on dating apps and online dating sites, then it’s no wonder why you’re not meeting them. It takes a lot of time to meet a great guy, and you’re certainly not going to meet him on mobile dating apps and online dating sites. If you limit yourself to these dating avenues, you’re lowering your chances of meeting quality guys.

Do you want to meet quality single men in Houston but don’t know how? Let our Houston matchmakers introduce you to relationship-minded single men in Houston today.

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