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Here’s the scenario:

You’re a woman in a relationship with a great man. He’s responsible, he has a good job, he’s kind to you, you adore him, and your family and friends think he’s a great partner for you.

The two of you have been together for a long time and you’re beginning to wonder if he’s ready for the next step.

We are not here to put any pressure on you, but we know that, as a woman, you might wonder why he has not put a ring on your finger yet. Maybe you need to be more patient and wait a little while to find out, but our Houston matchmakers know that’s easier said than done.

And since all your friends are married, you’ve gotten used to the idea and can’t shake it off. If you are looking forward to getting married but unsure if your man wants to, here are some simple signs to keep an eye for.

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How to Tell the Man You’re Dating Wants to Marry You

Today, our relationship specialists from Houston Singles Dating Service will reveal the signs the man you’re dating is looking forward to taking the relationship to the next level.

1. Everything Is We

Does he use the word we every time he refers to the two of you? This is more than just a pronoun and he’s using it because he feels you’re a strong couple. Married couples are known for using “we” when they talk about themselves or are making a decision.

For instance, if a family member asks about this summer’s vacation and he responds, “We can’t wait, we’re going to Cancun,” then he is saying we because he sees you as a team instead of individuals.

2. He Believes in Marriage

In today’s dating world, there are many people who don’t believe in the sanctity of marriage, especially with the high rate of divorces. But not your man. Your man still believes in marriages and knows they are something special.

Even if his friends are getting divorced, or he knows of cheating spouses out there, he still wants to get married because he believes in the idea.

3. He Doesn’t Ridicule Marriage Posts

Social media is everywhere we turn. If you get on Facebook, we can be that one of the first things you’ll see are wedding pictures and posts.

Your man might not be a huge fan of the pictures themselves, but he does not mind the idea of getting married. He might have mentioned something along the lines of, “When we get married, I want a beautiful wedding on the beach, like Mike and Jessie had.”

4. He Is Comfortable With You

Having your man hang out in his boxers and socks might not be the most romantic thing for you, but it’s great because he already dropped the act and opts to be more relaxed and comfortable around you. Now, don’t take this as a sign he’s letting himself go, it just means he feels comfortable in your presence and doesn’t feel he needs to put on an act. He is able to show you all his sides without fear of judgement.

5. His Family Treats You like Family

He takes you to all the family get togehters, you are already on a first name basis with all the family members, and they know everything you do. You are comfortable with mom and swap cooking recipes all the time. Dad buys you small presents every time he goes to the store and knows you’ll be at the house.

Meeting the parents is a huge step and means a lot. It’s a great sign if his family already treats you like a family member.

6. You’re Part of His Future Plans

Many couples discuss the future but not all couples involve each other in those future plans. If asked what the plans for the future are, most men will say they want to have a certain type of car or save a specific amount of money, but when you ask your partner, your name is mentioned in his future plans.

He might say he wants to have a certain amount of money and drive a sporty car, but after that, he also mentions buying a house and having two children together down the road.

7. You Have Discussed Children

Maybe the two of you have already had conversations about how many children you will have and what their names would be. And even if it was in a lighthearted and joking manner, the mere fact that you have discussed children indicates that he sees you as part of his future.

Talking about children isn’t a man’s favorite subject. Not all men are looking forward to sharing their living room with three messy toddlers, but if your man is open to the idea, that is good news for you.

8. He Is Excited about Something

He might all the sudden start saving money but you don’t know why. He might be trying his best to keep it hidden from you. He might be saving up for the big day but hasn’t told you just yet. Some men are very open to the idea of marriage but will only do it when their finances are right. Give him some time and before you know it, he might be down on one knee.

It’s not easy to know if your man wants to get married or if he views you as a partner for life, but if you notice some of the signs our Houston matchmakers mentioned above, you can rest assured he will take it to the next step with you. So let us know, do you hear wedding bells ringing?

If you’re single and searching for your Mr. Right, contact our expert matchmakers here at Houston Singles today and let us help you find him!
















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