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They say that when you’re ready for love that it will find you. Chances are you’ve heard that saying many times before. But you’ve been ready for love and it hasn’t come to you yet. But maybe it hasn’t found you because you’re not really ready for it. If you’ve been meeting the wrong type of people or no one at all, it might be you who is sabotaging your own dating life because you haven’t quite opened yourself up to love.

Today, our Friendswood dating service will show you the telltale signs you’re not open to love at this point in your life.

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1. You’re suspicious of happy couples.

You think that finding someone in today’s modern dating world is like finding a rainbow unicorn—so tough that when you spot a couple that seems genuinely happy, you think they’re faking it. He’s probably cheating on her, she’s probably into him for his money. Ugh, you can’t imagine that love actually exists and that they’re really happy together.

2. You’ve become cynical about romance.

Not only are you suspicious of every happy couple you see, but you roll your eyes in disgust when someone mentions Valentine’s Day, which is all a big money making scheme to you. You also hate to see lovey dovey posts on Facebook and avoid it like the plague.

3. You don’t like going out on dates.

A blind date is your absolute worst nightmare. You can barely stomach a date, let alone a blind date set up by a friend or coworker. You have to get super dressed up and don’t really know who you’re meeting or how you’ll get along. Why spend the night having an awkward dinner with a stranger when you can just order pizza at home and relax in your comfy PJs?

4. You haven’t learned from your previous mistakes.

You truly believe you are the dating guru of relationships and that none of the breakups in the past were your fault. Of course you did nothing wrong. It was all their fault, right? That’s right, it was always someone else’s fault things fell apart.

5. All your celebrity heroes are single.

When George Clooney and Cameron Diaz gave up their single life to be in a relationship, well, you almost puked. They were the awesome single stars you looked up to the most. They were the light and hope that single people could truly be happy on their own. Thank goodness there’s always Taylor Swift, right?

6. You can’t stop talking about your ex.

They are the bad guy and have issues to work on. You constantly keep rehashing your previous relationship. You wonder what could have been and daydream of an alternative universe where you stayed together and lived happily ever after.

7. You don’t notice when someone really likes you.

You’re so hung up on your ex that you don’t even notice when someone else likes you. You’re so lost in the thought of your ex that you fail to notice when someone genuinely shows interest in you.

8. Your deal breakers list is too long.

If only you can find an attractive guy who is a little shy or a hot blonde who is fun, outgoing, and intelligent and a whole slew of other things. If you have a mile long list of deal breakers, then you’re not really open to love.

If you display one or a few of these behaviors, then you’re not as open to love as you thought you were. To become open to love, you must change the way you think, feel, and act so you can finally let love in your life.

If you’re having troubles overcoming dating obstacles, like not being open to love, contact our Friendswood dating service and let our expert matchmakers help you out. We’ll open your eyes and help you along the road of self-discovery. We’ll show you dating obstacles that are standing in your way of true love and happiness, and we’ll show you how to overcome them all. If you’re ready to open your heart and mind to real love, contact us today and let us lead the way.

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