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Infidelity sucks! And here at Houston Singles, we our matchmakers know there is no worse feeling than finding out the person you’re in a relationship with is being unfaithful to you. You certainly want to know all the signs of a cheating girlfriend so you can spot it if it’s happening to you.

Knowing the signs of a cheating girlfriend will put you in control of the situation, and more importantly, allow you to protect your heart. You will be able to find out firsthand before you hear it from another source.

Save yourself the embarrassment and pain of coming across a text message from a random guy or from having one of your close friends tell you they saw your girlfriend in the arms of another man.

While women are known for being more faithful than men, this awful situation does happen from time to time, and maybe it’s happening to you right now.

If you know the signs, then you can spot it right away and call her out before she drags you through the mud.

Today, our Houston dating coaches will reveal some adultery red flags that let you know your girlfriend is cheating on you.

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1. You’re Not Her Priority Anymore

Once upon a time, you might have been her number one priority. She used to put her cell phone away when the two of you were eating dinner—and when you weren’t together she was texting you to find out how you were.

But now she’s texting and spending time with someone else. Before, she would put pictures of the two of you all over her cell phone, computer, and social media accounts, but now there are no pictures of you together anywhere.

If you notice things have slowly changed, then this could be a sign she’s cheating on you. One of the clearest signs something is wrong is if your girlfriend always has her face buried in her phone—sending text messages or chatting with someone else. If she jumps as soon as her phone beeps or rings, then you know to be suspicious. If she is eager to grab the phone and walks away when she answers, then you know something is wrong.

Of course there might be times she is helping a friend in need; however, if she is always engrossed in her social media accounts and text messages, it means her attention and priorities are elsewhere.

With that being said, if she used to answer text messages in front of you and didn’t mind you looking at her phone but now walks away and is very private about her messages, then you know it’s not her mom or friend on the other side of the phone.

2. She Lost Interest in You

If your girlfriend has become less physical and less sexual with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s cheating, but it’s a red flag there is something going on.

Every relationship has a sex routine, whether it’s once a week, once a month, or once in a while, but if your girlfriend wants nothing to do with sex and gives you lame excuses as to why, you need to get to the bottom of the problem.

Now, there is no need to jump to assumptions here, because she could be tired due to her stressful job, or there could be other issues right beneath the surface. Keep an eye for other things that have vanished from your relationship. Has she stopped kissing you? Has she stopped getting close to you? If it’s obvious that she’s disconnecting from you and the relationship, our Houston dating coaches encourage you to have a talk with her and find out why.

3. Trust Issues

Another sure sign your girlfriend is cheating on you is questioning your whereabouts, something she’s never done before. Although it might be something out of her character, there are several reasons she could be growing skeptical and wants to know what you’re up to—some of them might be harmless.

Your girlfriend could be questioning your whereabouts for no reasons, she might be under a lot of stress and is genuinely curious to what you’re up to.

On the contrary, she might be questioning your whereabouts or what you’re doing so she has time to see her other man without worrying you’ll find out she’s being unfaithful to you.

Additionally, when someone is cheating, they tend to become skeptical about their partner because they, themselves, are doing something wrong.

She could be placing all the blame on you and accusing you of things you are doing wrong in attempts to downplay her own guilt. Since guilt is a very tricky emotion, it is difficult to hide and she’s pushing it off on you.

4. She Looks Sexier More Often

A woman who is cheating will go to extremes to look sexy for the new man in her life. You might notice that now, instead of wearing her casual outfits to work, she is wearing more revealing clothing. She wants to dazzle and impress the new man in her life.

Remember how she used to dress when the two of you started dating? Well, she’s doing the same thing for a new man in her life—she wants to blow him away. She wears new jewelry, new clothing, and more makeup. You might have evened noticed that she’s working out more to get tone and in shape. Keep an eye for a change in these things.

Basically, when your girlfriend is cheating she’ll become cold towards you. She won’t answer your phone calls, she won’t tell you she loves you anymore, she won’t include you in her plans, and all the sudden she is gone. Keep an eye for the above signs and kick that cheating girlfriend to the curb. You deserve someone who loves you, someone who will be with you for the rest of your life.

If you’re not having any luck finding the right girlfriends on your own, contact our Houston dating coaches today and let us introduce you to relationship-minded women in Houston. We have a large database of quality women who would love to meet you!



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