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What makes someone a great boyfriend? As a trusted Houston dating service, we know it’s a case of real life vs Hollywood movies. After all, looking to movies and romantic shows, it seems to be a great boyfriend is a guy who dresses fancy, pays for dinner dates, loves giving gifts, and commits long-term.

In real life, though, not every woman out there wants over-the-top romance or gifts every weekend. Some women just want someone who can make them happy all the time.

3 Signs He’ll Be a Great Boyfriend

Today, our Houston matchmakers are going to reveal the top signs he’ll be a great boyfriend. As a trusted Houston dating service with over 30 years in the business of love, we know a thing or two about finding a great guy. If you’ve managed to find a good boyfriend, it’s up to you to recognize it and hold on tight.

1. He loves going everywhere with you.

If our boyfriend loves spending time with us and enjoys going places together, anytime, that’s a positive sign. This is what should be happening in your relationship. Furthermore, this is when we can say that he’s already a great boyfriend for us.

People often say that even going out for a walk around the park or going to a store is more fun with the right person by your side. We want to feel that way, everyone does. And when we do, we can be happy because we have found the right person for us. We won’t have to wish that he was a better boyfriend because he’s already the best boyfriend he can be.

2. He’s the right amount of romantic.

Romance is a very funny thing. One girl is swoon with chocolates and thinks that a romantic dinner dates are a must. Then the next girl is all, “Let’s order pizza and watch movies at home.”

Our boyfriend is a great one when he is as romantic as we need him to be. He knows what we like and don’t like when it comes to romantic things. He gets that we need more romance and does his best to plan fun and exciting things that he knows we love to do. That’s what makes him a great boyfriend. If your boyfriend is already doing those things for you, you have a great boyfriend by your side.

3. He enjoys spending time with your friends and family.

We all introduce our boyfriends to our friends and family after we start dating them for some time. We all hope that it’s a positive experience and that everyone gets along. Unfortunately, there are scenarios when people just don’t get along. It’s not exactly what anyone would want, but it happens.

We can smile from ear to ear when our boyfriend loves spending time with our friends and family and honestly loves seeing them. It makes things a lot simpler since we know that he’ll get along with them when we host a party during the summer months or when we go to our parents for the holidays. Ah, that’s start to sound like a Hollywood movie, right?

If your guy honestly loves spending time with your friends and family – or at least gets along with them – that’s a great sign.

Ladies, we know it’s not easy to find a quality guy today. That’s why once you find a keeper, it’s up to you to recognize it and hold on tight. You don’t want to let a great catch get away. If your guy is a great partner, it’s up to you to be the same for him.

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