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You probably thought you won the lottery when you met your current boyfriend, but things slowly started to unravel the more you got to know him.  He definitely had you fooled, and once his laidback and easygoing personality faded away, you started questioning what you got yourself into with this guy.  When it comes to dating, it’s always best to get to know someone very well before starting a serious relationship with them.  It’s easy to get blinded in dating, especially when you’ve been single for so long.

When a guy is laying it on thick, wants to spend all his free time with you, and is always jealous, it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate the relationship.

Everyone suffers from insecurities every now and then, but when his insecurities become obsessive and unhealthy, that’s when you’re in trouble.  Today, our Houston dating service will show you five signs your boyfriend is insecure.  Although you might not think it’s a big deal, his insecurities will certainly spell troubles for your relationship.

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1. He Doesn’t Have a Life

Don’t be fooled by a guy who wants to spend all day with you.  At first, you might have been flattered to be with a guy who made you his number one priority.  But you eventually realized that he doesn’t have a life outside of the relationship, and now he’s smothering you.  Do you really want to be with a guy who has no friends, hobbies, or interests of his own?  We didn’t think so.  It’s not healthy for either of you.

2. He Can’t Take Criticism

Constructive criticism is important.  But when someone is insecure, they think they’re being attacked when you give them helpful advice.  If your boyfriend is insecure, he probably can’t stand it when you tell him the truth.  You’ll live the entirety of your relationship walking on eggshells with this man.

3. A Missed Text = The End of the World

Sometimes you get busy with everyday things and forget to answer one text messages from friends and your guy—no big deal.  Wrong!  With a guy who is insecure, this spells trouble.  If your boyfriend is insecure and you don’t answer one of his texts in a prompt manner, it’s doomsday for you.  He will blow up your phone nonstop until he hears from you, then you’ll be bombarded with a million questions about what you were doing that you couldn’t answer him.

4. He’s Possessive

If your boyfriend gets jealous when you spend time with anyone but him, then that’s definitely a clear sign of insecurity.  As Houston dating and relationships experts, we want you to know that keeping your friendships alive and strong is very important to the relationship.  If your boyfriend can’t understand that, then you need to kick him to the curb.  You might try to make him happy by spending more time together, but giving in to his selfish ways will only make things worse.  This type of jealous and possessive behavior can be very dangerous.

5. He Showers You with Gifts

What woman in the world doesn’t like to be showered with gifts, right?  But when a guy starts showering you with gifts too early in the relationship, that’s a sign he might be trying to buy your love. Someone who is insecure will buy you present after present, leaving you feeling indebted to him.

Ladies, we know you’re tired of dating men who are insecure and don’t know how to handle a relationship.  If you’re ready to meet men who are secure in themselves and fit to be in a relationship, contact our Houston dating service today.  Everyone in our database has to pass background checks and a thoroughly prescreening process to ensure they’re desirable and fit to date.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!

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