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Being one of the many single women in Houston can be awesome and liberating at first. You get to do whatever you want: you can eat an endless supply of pizza, watch Netflix at home, curl up with Fluffy for a marathon of chick flicks, and drink as much wine as you want. Come on now, who wouldn’t like that? We know you love it!

Well, at least for a little bit you did. If you have single gal pals, then you’ll enjoy this free time, as it allows you to hang out with them, share a few laughs, and grab a couple of drinks. However, when the novelty of singledom wears off, you realize it’s not so fun anymore. Ah, who are we kidding? You now hate being single. But that’s not the worst part. Nope, since singledom is all you know, it’s actually preventing you from moving forward in your dating life.

We know this can get awkward, especially when you don’t want to be single. You swear you’ll give up pizza, Netflix, wine, and chill time with Fluffy as long you can find love. Yes, we know you love those four, and they’re the best combo a gal can ask for, but this is how committed you are to find yourself a man.

So get ready as the top Houston dating service, Houston Singles, reveals the signs you’ve been single way too long. Don’t worry, we have the secrets to help you snap out of your singledom rut and find your compatible match!

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1. All the invite are just for you.

Everyone in your group of friends knows that you’re single and have been for a while, so when they invite you to an event, your invite is just for you. Your best friend’s party, she knows it will just be you coming. Your mom’s retirement party? Same deal. Your sister’s wedding? Yep, she knows it’s just you, too. Why would your friends and family think this way? Because they know you’ve been single for a long time.

They wish nothing more than to see you happy and in a loving relationship. They just figure you’re not doing anything about it. What’s worse yet? Well, you are not even offended because you know you’ve been single for a while, too. You have been single for so long that you haven’t gone to a party or event with someone in ages. And, yes, that does make you sad.

2. You’re a serious binge-watcher.

Every new show that just came out, you’ve already watched it. The latest movies on Netflix? Yep, got them covered, too. The latest drama series? No problem, you watched the whole thing in just one weekend. From Sex in the City to Friends reruns, you’re a serious binge-watcher and love it.

Your life is complete watching series at home alone. There is no one to fight over the remote with, no one to tell you they’re tired and want to go to bed, and no one to share popcorn with. The problem is that you’re now getting sick of sitting at home watching series at all alone. Yep, you are. You did not think that would ever happen, but it did. Now you’re sick and tired of spending your weekends alone.

3. Your routine has been the same for ages.

When you’re single, it’s very tempting to keep doing the same thing every day. Everyone does the same, so why not you? You do the same things every day without a doubt. Because you don’t have a boyfriend in your life, you see no reason to switch up your routines. There is no one in your life to invite you to grab coffee on a Sunday morning instead of making it at home, and there is no one to invite you to try the new restaurant in town on a Friday night.

You enjoy your life to the fullest, for sure, but you’re now getting sick of being single because your life is getting boring. You are now thinking of how much better it would be to get out of this rut and do fun things with someone special.

4. You can give dating lessons.

You’re pretty much the expert at dating. No, really. You’ve tried speed dating, online dating sites, and mobile dating apps. You’ve tried just about everything there is. You are certainly not proud of it, but in a way, well, you kind of are.

You’ve become a bit of a dating expert and feel you could literally teach a class. You know the latest trends in dating, you know how to pick up on red flags, you know how to tell if a guy is worthy of a second chance, or how to know they’re about to ghost you. You have mastered the art of dating and consider yourself a modern-day dating Picasso.

Of course, you would trade all this knowledge for an actual relationship, but you feel better for now and are happy knowing you have so many dating experiences under your belt. At the very least, you can share your wealth of romantic knowledge with a coworker, friend, or family member and advise them when they need it.

5. You’re very cynical.

Something very annoying happens when you’ve been single for too long: you become cynical about love. More than that, you start hating happy couples and relationships. You totally get that and even have to talk yourself into going on dates sometimes, because you wouldn’t go out at all if you didn’t. You also understand that attitude is everything when it comes to dating. The problem is that you’ve had so many bad experiences that it’s impossible for you to think positively about dating these days.

As professional matchmakers, we know your dating life would be better if you approach a first date as a chance to meet someone new, or at least try to have a good time. We know that you’re probably saying, “Yeah, right,” but if you continue to be cynical, you’re not going to put an end to your single days. On the contrary, you’re going to push a lot of men away. Heck, you might even push some of your coupled up gal pals away with your negativity about dating.

If you’re single & looking for love in Houston, contact our expert matchmakers today. Fill out the private form at the top of the page and reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation with the top Houston dating service today. We’ve helped thousands of single women in Houston find love and are confident we can help you, too! What are you waiting for? Join us today!

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