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There is no denying it, ladies and gentlemen. As a Houston dating service, we know there are many things men do that drive women insane. And not in a good way – just like there are things women do that drive men insane. Some guys often change once they go from the early stage of dating to being in a serious relationship. The hearts and flowers sometimes get swapped out for selective hearing, all-day football, and being super secretive.

While women can often be hard to understand due to hormonal changes, men can be equally hard to figure out. After all, they don’t speak out about their feelings openly like women.

5 Things Men Do That Irritate Women

Today, our Houston Dating Service is going to reveal the top things men do that drive women insane.

1. Being too secretive.

Some guys come off as being too secretive, even if they don’t mean to do so intentionally. It can be the little things they do like walking out of the room to answer the phone, closing their laptops when their girlfriend walks in the room, and even password blocking their phone. All three of those things make it appear like they’re trying to hide something they’re doing. Some guys are also not good with expressing how they really feel. They don’t like talking about what’s bothering them, which can often come off as being secretive.

2. Always texting but never calling.

Some guys prefer texting over making a phone call. And that’s okay from time to time. But sometimes women prefer to hear their guy’s voice rather than always texting. Women also get annoyed when their guys only reply to them with short answers.

To avoid this, all a guy has to do is pick up their phone and call his girlfriend. Plus, when guys decide to not call, it can make them come off as being secretive. It can also make them appear as though they’re not interested. Similarly, it can come off as though there’s someone in the background that they don’t want their girlfriend to hear.

3. Not helping her with the chores.

Men are often notorious for not being helpful in a relationship. When it comes to doing the chores and housework, it should always be divided equally between both partners. After all, there is a good chance that if you are living together, you’re both grown adults. One adult should not have to clean up after the other one unless that person is sick, injured or pregnant. Cleaning may not be the most fun thing to do on the weekend, but it is something that needs to be done in order to have a clean house.

4. Being too jealous.

This one drives women insane. Most people have a bit of jealousy in them, while others seem to take it to the extreme. Fairly often, men are known for being overly jealous and this will drive women insane. Some guys will guy as far as to lose their temper or get angry if their girlfriend even talks to another guy or has guy friends. Most of the time, being overly jealous will not only drive their girlfriend insane but could also push her away for good.

5. Being flirty in front of you.

Just enough to irritate you but not enough for you to flip out. In other words, he flirts just enough with other women in front of you to make you notice but not able to say anything. After all, if you say something to him, you’ll look like crazy. He knows it bothers you and does it anyway. This shows that he not only doesn’t respect you but also pushes your buttons.

There are many things both sexes do that drive the other nuts. But our Houston dating service knows these are five things men do that drive women crazy and even push them away.

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