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Women from all over the world will agree on one thing: navigating the dating scene and finding the one is challenging. Being in a good relationship is one of the most delightful experiences you’ll encounter in life. We all know that there are many fish in the sea, but how do you know you found the perfect catch? For all the ladies out there who are currently in a relationship, you might wonder from time to time if the man you’re dating is truly the one for you. So how do you know? As the leading Houston dating service, we have the answer for you. Read on as our matchmakers show you the surefire signs you met the one, the one you should never let get away.

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1. He loves you flaws and all.

It’s no secret that not all women have the confidence of Marilyn Monroe. And your insecurities might cause you to do certain things that are a turn off to men. Maybe you doubt yourself too much, put yourself down, or obsess about your body. Maybe you have an awkward laugh, or maybe you obsess over things your man thinks are irrelevant. But with this man, it doesn’t even matter. Flaws and all, he still loves you for who you are. One of the best feelings in the world is having a man who loves you for everything you are, flaws and all.

2. He’s by your side on bad days.

Some things in life happen unexpectedly. For example, you might fall ill, lose a family member, lose a pet, or get fired from a job. No matter the situation, the right man will be by your side showing you his support. He knows what to say and how to say it to cheer you up. What more could you ask for?

3. He’s a true gentleman.

Does your man surprise you with beautiful flowers? Does he take you on romantic dates around town? Does he do silly things just to put a smile on your face? These sweet gestures prove he’s the one for you. We all know that the perfect man doesn’t exist, but if your guy is as close to Prince Charming as you’re going to get, don’t ever let him go!

4. He solves problems as they arise.

It’s no secret that all couples fight. Our Houston dating service knows that fights happen in all relationships, and every relationship has its own highs and lows. But you and your man both know how to calmly solve problems together and handle issues as they arise. You never go to bed angry because you’re able to talk your problems out calmly and come to a conclusion you both agree on. He goes the extra mile to ensure that you go to bed happy each and every night.

5. He isn’t scared of your family.

Many men cringe at the thought of meeting a woman’s family, but not your man. He is happy and enthusiastic to meet your folks and become part of the family. A good boyfriend will want you to spend time with your family and encourage you to do the same with his.

6. He’s the one you always have a good time with.

You don’t have to go on extravagant outings or romantic dates out on the town because you’re happy watching movies at home and eating Chinese takeout. Just spending the day cozied up in bed is all you need to be happy. Spending time with other people is great and all, but there is nothing you love more than spending quality time with your man.

7. He knows how to cook.

Okay, ladies, so this might not make a relationship solid, but it sure does help to have a man who knows his way around the kitchen. It’s good to have a man prepare a good meal for you, or at least try to.

8. He doesn’t give you any reason to doubt him.

Our Houston dating service knows trust is one of the most essential elements in a successful relationship, and it’s something that needs to go both ways. You must put equal efforts into the relationship. You need to be able to live your life without him doubting you and vice versa. He should never give you a reason to doubt him, and you should never feel like you have to check his phone or computer to ensure he’s not being unfaithful to you. Whatever excuse he gives you is legitimate. If this sounds like the man you have, you should never let him go.

9. He has creative ways to show his love for you.

Anyone can say those three little words. And after you’ve been together for a while, those words come out automatically. But not him, he says he loves you in creative ways. If this is the man you have, then you have yourself a keeper. It could be those little notes he leaves on the fridge door, how he wakes you in the morning with your favorite cup of Joe, or how he takes you on cozy picnics at the park, but all those little things are signs you have a great catch.

10. He has a good personality.

He doesn’t act cool in front of you or your friends. He doesn’t act like someone else just to impress your family. He never acts differently around you. He is always the same—you always get his true self. You don’t have to worry about him behaving oddly when people come around. You know the person you first fell in love with is the same guy you’re with today.

Ladies, finding love in today’s dating world, which revolves around the hookup culture, is not easy. Not every man you meet out there will have genuine intentions. Many of them are smooth talkers who are trying to get you to the bedroom. Don’t fall for those unworthy guys who aren’t cut out to be in your life. Let our Houston dating service introduce you to quality single men in Houston, men who are relationship-worthy and compatible with you.

To get started, fill out the private form at the top of the page today. Get ready to start meeting quality men who are a great fit for you!

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