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While you might be hesitant to talk about all your exes with your new guy or ask him about his exes, you should. Our Houston matchmakers know it can be very important to learn about your potential partner’s past relationships in order to create a strong relationship foundation. It may make you feel uncomfortable to hear about the women he’s been with before, but it pays to know.

5 Reasons to Know His Dating History

Today, our Houston matchmakers are going to show you why is so important to know a guy’s dating history. Take it from us, it will help you create a strong relationship foundation should you continue dating him.

1. If you don’t talk about it, your imagination will run wild.

It’s better to know the truth about your partner’s past than to wonder about it and create crazy scenarios in your mind. You might not like everything he tells you about his past, and we get that. But at least you will know rather than be left in the dark. Sometimes what we think or how we perceive things isn’t how they really are, and that can be very damaging.

2 It’s good to know why his relationships didn’t work out.

Was he cheated on? Did he do the cheating? Was he in a serious relationship that ended? Why did it end? Asking questions about his dating history will help you understand how he behaves when he is in a relationship. This will better help you predict how he will be with you in the future.

3. You can tell a lot about him by his exes.

If every girl he dated took advantage of him, there’s a chance that he’s the type of person who refuses to take responsibility for his own actions. On the other hand, you don’t want your boyfriend to be gushing over any of his exes. There’s a thin line here, ladies. The way he talks about his past girlfriends will definitely tell you who he is as a person.

4. It shows that you’re a straight shooter.

Bringing up his exes and talking about your own romantic past will show your boyfriend that you’re someone who doesn’t beat around the bush. It lets him know that you don’t mind getting to the point when it comes to serious matters. He’ll likely appreciate you being so straightforward and feel more comfortable being open with you as well. You’re not the type of person who assumes or learns things from other people. Above all, you want to hear about his past directly from him.

5. His responses will give you an idea how he feels about your relationship.

If he brushes it off like nothing special happened in his past, give him time. He might not feel like he can trust you or like he can be vulnerable with you just yet. If he is willing to open up and give you some details about his past, that’s a great sign. It shows that he’s invested in your relationship and feels like he can be real with you.

Don’t underestimate the importance of knowing a guy’s dating history. It can tell you a lot about him as a person and a future partner to you.

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