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She’s young, charismatic, drop dead gorgeous, and is mysteriously head over heels for you. You can’t believe you landed such a beautiful woman. Your friends are all patting you on the back and elated for you.

But after you get home one night, you start to think to yourself that maybe she’s not really into you—maybe she’s into your wallet. She always mentions her favorite jewelry, the most expensive restaurants in town, and exotic places she wants to vacation. Well, well, well, it sounds like you’re dating a gold digger.

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5 Telltale Warning Signs You’re Dating a Gold Digger

While some gold diggers are after money, some are after fame or power, and this is especially if you’re rich celebrity or a professional athlete. So how do you spot a gold digger? How do you know she’s not into you for you? Today, our Houston matchmakers will show you five warning signs you’re dating a gold digger.

1. She asks you odd questions from the get-go.

From the very first date when you met her to the last time you saw her, she’s always asked you questions about money. She asked you, “How much do you make?” right off the bat instead of asking you, “What do you do for a living?”

You see, she’s already calculating the numbers in her head and trying to figure out how much money she can get from you. It’s normal to want to know what someone does for a living, but it’s not normal to ask how much a person makes.

2. The best apology is buying her something.

Arguments happen in any relationship. But they seem to happen all the time with her. It’s almost like she just loves to be angry because she knows what comes afterwards. Her tactics involve wearing you down to the point that you ask for forgiveness with an expensive gift. You either take her to the most expensive restaurant in town or get her the newest designer purse to hit the market. The first couple of times didn’t send alarm bells off in your head, but you’re starting to realize that it’s happening all the time.

3. She uses sex as a weapon.

And she holds it over your head. Basically, if you do anything wrong, she’ll refuse to have sex with you because of it. And when we say anything wrong, we mean she doesn’t get her way.

She expects you to shower her with lavish gifts, because if you don’t, she won’t have sex with you. When you get her the purse she was talking about, she has sex with you again. It’s like a reward system. She’s conditioned you to basically pay for sex. Tricky, tricky.

4. She shows off her assets.

It’s your birthday and your friends and business associates throw you a huge party. She looks smoking in her sexy little red dress—the sexiest one she could find. She smiles and introduces herself in a very provocative way. She wants your friends to see how attractive she is so you’re proud to have her as a girlfriend (and to have all eyes on her).

5. You’re spending too much too soon.

You find yourself spending more than a few hundred dollars on your first few dates compared to dates you’ve had in the past. In fact, when you add up the amount of money you’ve spent since meeting her, you’re up in the thousands. It’s only been a few weeks since you started dating her, but you spent more on her than you spent last year alone. If it seems as though you’re buying her affection, it’s because you are.

A real woman doesn’t want a man for his money. Sure, everyone loves a nice gift here and there, but if you find yourself having to shower her in gifts every time you see her, then she’s definitely a gold digger. So think about this: gold digging women will always be out of your league. They use their beauty and good looks to attract men and make them their sugar daddies.

Are you tired of dating women who are only after your money? Do you want to find a woman who is genuinely interested in you? If so, contact our Houston matchmakers today and let us introduce you to relationship-minded women who are looking for the real deal in love. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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