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If you have to wonder whether or not you should tell the new guy you’re dating something about yourself, odds are you should.

You don’t want to invest time in someone only for them to leave you because of something you hid from them. After all, nobody likes to be lied to, and nobody wants to waste their time on someone who’s not honest from the start.

Today, our Houston matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service are going to show you things you should never hide from a guy.

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1. Your religious beliefs.

Unless you meet a guy while physically standing in a church or on a religion-specific dating site, you can’t assume you have the same religious views. Obviously religious harmony eludes the whole world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our relationship work. That being said, men don’t want to meet your parents and have them ask them to say to grace before dinner if that’s not what they do.

2. What you want in a relationship.

If you have a specific idea about what you want in a partner/relationship, by all means, let him know. You’re both there to make the relationship work, but not if you’re both looking for different things. If he’s not what you’re looking for, he’ll probably take it personally and things may get awkward. But in the long run, it will be better because he didn’t invest too much time in the relationship.

3. Any skeletons in the closet.

If it’s a family secret like ties to the mob or the fact that you’re $100,000 in debt thanks to student loans, it’s best to get it out in the open rather than it coming out later when it’ll feel like you were hiding something on purpose. Maybe you were hurt in a past relationship and it scarred you for life. If so, just let him know so he can remain sensitive to it and understand where you’re coming from.

4. Your true self.

Above all else, never be afraid to show your true self to a guy early in the relationship. Be yourself and not who you think he wants you to be. Share all of your likes, dislikes, future goals, and how you like to spend your time. He wants to know the real you even if he doesn’t have much in common with you. The last thing a guy wants to find out is that a woman wasn’t being real with him. If you’re upfront and honest about who you really are, things will eventually work out for the best – even if that means going your separate ways because you’re not compatible.

5. Health-related secrets.

Through sickness and in health is an often cited phrase in wedding vows, and for good reason. Most people who refrain from divulging health-related information do so with good intentions – one being they don’t want their partner to worry. But if you have something serious you’re dealing with, then you should definitely tell the guy you’re dating early on.

We know it’s easy to get caught up in presenting your best self to the new guy you’re dating. Everyone wants to present the best aspects of themselves. Be careful not to hide important facts about your life because you’re trying to impress him and make him stick around. If it’s meant to be, then it will be. If not, it’s best to find out early on.

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