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If you’re feeling weighed down by your relationship, and like there’s an imbalance, there may be a reason. You could be the only one putting in work for the relationship – and if you’re a woman, you probably are.

Today, our Houston matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service are going to show you signs you’re the only one putting in emotional work for the relationship.

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1. He avoids talking about his feelings.

Whenever an issue comes up, your partner has very few emotions around the topic. He may seem numb or detached because he doesn’t really want to share his feelings with you. In fact, he’ll do everything he can to avoid this emotional conversation you’re steering him into. This leaves you with very valid feelings that are always pushed away, meaning you have a huge emotional burden that you’re carrying around, which is very unfair.

2. He criticizes everything about your physical appearance.

Run away as fast as you can if your boyfriend does this to you. If he tells you that you need to lose weight or tells you to alter your appearance in any way, dump him. You may be carrying the weight of those remarks he just made about how you should shave your legs or drop a few pounds for months to come. Really, this is all total garbage. He doesn’t have the right to treat you like this, and you should never stand for it. This leaves you with an emotional hangover – it leaves you thinking you aren’t good enough for him.

3. He puts all the heavy stuff on you.

You’ve suggested to him many times that he should get a therapist, but why would he if he has you to put all the heavy stuff on? There’s a level of being there for your partner during difficult times, but there’s also a line. That line exists when you start to feel really weighed down by the things he’s telling you. You feel as if you’re bearing his burdens, and this is when it’s time to set boundaries.

4. You’re scared of asking what you need out of fear he’ll call you needy.

Your partner makes you feel like you ask for too much. Often you have very reasonable requests stemming from your needs and wants yet you’re scared to go to him with those requests out of fear he’ll call you needy. You’re not needy because you have needs, and anyone who makes you feel like that isn’t worth your time. Believe us.

5. You do all the work around the house.

The biggest sign that you’re doing more emotional work in your relationship is that you do more household chores than your partner. You cook the meals, clean the house, and schedule the vet visits for the cat. There’s an imbalance and it’s weighing you down. This is totally exhausting, especially because you do so many things behind the scenes that you feel like you’re not being appreciated for. You feel like everything you do is overlooked – or worse, expected.

So tell us, was your gut right? Are you the one doing all the work in your relationship? If you’re the only one putting efforts into this partnership, you need to draw the line. Talk to your partner and let him know how you feel. If he doesn’t want to hear it and brushes your feelings aside, yet again, then you know what you need to do. It’s time you put an end to this relationship today.

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