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You heard the man or woman you’ve been seeing say that they’re ready to settle down. You notice they’re talking more and more about friends who are getting engaged and even married. But you’re not so keen on the idea of kind of commitment. The two of you have been seeing each other for a while now, but your relationship is not moving anywhere. Is it because you’re dragging your feet?

More and more, you’re noticing that your partner has been dropping hints about getting serious. You can tell they’re eager to be in a relationship, but what about you? What is preventing you from wanting to take that step and commit to them?

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Signs Your Partner Wants to Settle Down But You Don’t

It’s clear that you’re not ready to settle down yet, but your partner is ready and eager. Here are the top ten signs your partner is looking to take the relationship to the next level but you aren’t.

1. They made it Facebook official.

Your partner has changed their relationship status from “single” to “taken” and is tagging you in all types of pictures—and they want you to do the same. They have hinted that their relationship status is taken while yours still says “single.” Your partner is proud to have “in a relationship” as their relationship status, but you’re nowhere near ready for all that.

2. They’re all about your relationship on social media.

… Again, here they go with the social media. Your partner’s profile picture is a happy photo of the two of you. Their quotes and statuses are all about love and happiness. When anyone takes a quick look at their social media account, it’s obvious that they’re in a relationship. But when it comes to your profile, things don’t look that way. You don’t have anything about being in a relationship, everything is about you. If anyone were to look at your social media accounts, they would never know you were dating someone.

3. They’ve asked for your passwords.

The two of you have been seeing each other for some time now, they might have even given you the key to their place. But they’re asking you about your password now and you don’t want to give it to them. Of course privacy is important, but are you keeping things hidden from them because you’re afraid they’re going to find out all the exes you had or who you’ve been talking to? Or is it because you’re just not ready to be in a relationship yet?

4. They plan for the future.

He or she is planning for the future—dates, weekend getaways, and even vacations. But all that’s going through your mind is your friend’s upcoming party this weekend. All you’re thinking about is buying a new outfit, while your partner is thinking romantic couple’s retreats.

5. Your future goals don’t align.

Dinner in the evenings are no longer a swap of the day’s events, now you’re discussing short and long term goals. Their goal is to walk down the aisle and settle down in a beautiful home with that white picket fence. Meanwhile, your only goal is clearing your schedule for next week’s episode of the latest reality TV show. Our Houston matchmakers know this is a clear sign they’re ready to settle down, while you’re not quite there yet.

6. You don’t enjoy sharing with them.

Your partner cannot wait to get home and tell you about their day. And they expect you to do the same. They share every detail about their day with you, just like couples in long term relationships. However, when it’s your turn to talk, you could care less about sharing all the little details… You don’t even care to tell them how your day went. It is clear that you’re not ready to be in a relationship if you don’t even want to share your day with them.

7. They want to know your whole itinerary.

Your partner not only expects you to let them know where you’re going, but also who you’re going out with, which is normal for couples. But you don’t like the idea of sharing where you’re going, who you’re going with, or what time you expect to be home. You believe you are your own person and that you’re not obligated to tell them your itinerary all the time.

8. You don’t feel it yet.

Your partner is willing to take the relationship to the next level, settle down and even get married. However, you’re unsure about all this seriousness. In other words, you’re still on the other side of the fence. It is clear that you’re not ready to settle down yet and have a lot to do to get there.

9. You still enjoy flirting with others.

You might like your partner, and they might even be the apple of your eye, but when you’re out and about and get a second to yourself, you can’t wait to flirt with other people. Flirting is good, it’s fun, and it can surely boost your ego. But when you’re dating someone, the flirting should stop. If you don’t like the way this sounds, then it’s clear you’re not ready to be in a serious relationship yet.

10. You’re still hung up on your ex.

Your partner is great and all, but there’s something missing… Or should we say, someone? Hmm, is that someone your ex? No matter how much you try to move on, you’re still hanging onto the thought of your ex. You might be using your partner as a rebound, which is not only a clear sign that you’re not only not ready to settle down, but a sign you’re still hung up on your ex.

If you’re dating someone but are unwilling to settle down, you’re crossing into an unhealthy relationship—one where you’ll be miserable in the end. So why not just be honest with your partner and let them know you’re not on the same page as them. It’s not fair to string someone along if you’re not both heading in the same direction. Spare them the heartache and set them free to find someone who feels the same way as them.

If you are ready for a long term relationship but aren’t having any luck finding a partner on your own, contact our Houston matchmakers and let us introduce you to relationship-minded singles locally. Let us help you find the compatible partner you deserve!


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