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There is no easy way to get over a broken heart.  You have to go through the entire process of healing and pick yourself back up.  As the leading Houston matchmaking service, we know just how devastating a breakup can be.  But that doesn’t mean you should wallow in misery 24 hours a day.  In fact, one of the best ways to get over your breakup is to start living your life to the fullest.

Of course it is very difficult to put a smile on your face when your whole world has been turned upside down, but we urge you to try.  Before you know it, you’ll be completely healed.

The following activities might seem like a momentary pleasure for you, but because they will bring happiness into your life, we know it will help you get over your breakup in no time.  So get ready and check out our Houston matchmaking secrets to overcome your painful breakup.

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How to Get Over a Breakup, the Matchmaking Way

In our nearly 30 years of experience in helping local singles find love, we have also learned a thing or two about healing broken hearts.  Today, we’re going to share our Houston matchmaking secrets that are guaranteed to lift your spirits and heal your broken heart quicker than you thought possible.

1. Pamper Yourself

There is no over-the-counter medicine that is designed to help you heal from a broken heart.  So what is the next best thing you can do?  Pamper yourself.  One of the best things you can do is indulge in a relaxing bath at home.  Go ahead and buy all those delightful bath salts and bubbles and spend an hour or so soaking in the tub.

If you prefer something different or can’t do that at home, you can always visit your local spa and get a relaxing massage.  The stress that comes out of your body will help you feel better in no time.

2. Get a Makeover

Waking up to eyes that looked all cried out every morning is going to make you feel even worse, and then you’re not going to want to do anything all day long.  One of our secrets our Houston matchmaking experts absolutely love is getting a full makeover.

Go to your local salon and get a makeover.  Nobody is saying to get a drastic makeover you might regret down the road, but go ahead and treat yourself a little.  Have your hair professionally done, get a mani & pedi, and top it off with professional makeup.  You’ll feel like a completely different woman when you walk out of the salon.

This is great if you have planned a ladies’ night out and want to look stunning on your night out on the town.  Just don’t forget to bring your beautiful smile along!

3. Take a Selfie for Social Media

Once you’re feeling rejuvenated from your makeover, snap a photo and show off your new look on social media.  You might be wondering why you would post a photo of yourself feeling sad, but believe us, people will like your photo and give you a much need confidence booster.

It might just be a bunch of likes, but the feeling you’ll get from everyone’s attention will make you feel better instantly.  Yes, it is a small ego booster, but that’s what you need right now.

4. Splurge on Yourself

This isn’t something we recommend for people who are struggling with their finances, but if you have some cash set aside, now is the perfect time to splurge on yourself and buy that purse or dress you’ve been dying to buy.

Whenever you buy something new, your brain is going to make you feel good, even if it’s just temporary.  At least you’ll feel good for a while and forget about that painful breakup.

5. Eat Some Delicious Food

What’s that one dish you’ve been dying to eat?  Is it pasta, sushi, or seafood?  Whatever it is, go to the nearest restaurant and indulge in a delicious meal for one.

It’s physically impossible not to be happy as you’re eating your favorite meal.  Oh, and for this one, don’t worry about the calories.  After all, you deserve it.  Just don’t do it every day of the week.

6. Watch a Good Flick

Stop watching those depressing movies that cause an endless flow of tears.  When you’re trying to get over a broken heart, “The Notebook” isn’t going to help you.  Instead, watch something light and funny.  Mystery flicks and comedies are great choices to escape your world and boost your mood.

7. Volunteer in Your Spare Time

You might think you have been dealt the worst hand in the world right now, but believe us, you don’t.  When you see people who are dealing with bigger problems than you, you’ll realize that your breakup isn’t that bad after all.  Okay, it’s still painful, but you get the picture.

What better way to get over your breakup than by helping others in need?  And you don’t have to go far to do it.  You can either drop canned goods for a local charity center or volunteer at an animal shelter or soup kitchen.  This will have you feeling good in no time.

8. Hang Out with Supportive Friends

Stay away from friends who drink a lot or bring you down.  Hang out with supportive friends who will boost your mood and pick you up from this broken heart.  Catch up with friends over coffee or lunch instead of partying on the weekends.  Listen to how their lives are going and share a few details of yours.

When you just had your heart destroyed, the last thing you’ll want to do is see people, but your friends are there for a reason and will support you through this difficult time.  Believe us, their laughter will be contagious.

As professional matchmakers, we’re going to be honest with you: there is no shortcut to fixing your broken heart.  But if you follow our ten Houston matchmaking secrets, you’ll surely speed up the process and make it more bearable.

Once you’re healed and ready to start dating again, contact our matchmakers and let us help you reenter the dating scene with ease.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with the best Houston matchmaking service today!


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