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Ugh, there’s probably nothing more painful than going through a breakup. Everyone has been there before: you’re living the life of your dreams, you’re in love, and you know your relationship is not 100% perfect, but it’s as close as it can get. Then, out of nowhere, your boyfriend dumps you. You didn’t see it coming and are in complete shock. He gives you the dreaded cliché breakup line, “It’s not you, it’s me.” You would totally roll your eyes at him if they were not full of nonstop tears.

You don’t want to hear that time heals all wounds or any other cliché phrase right now. You just know you need to move on as soon as possible so you can get back to your life. But don’t worry, you don’t have to live on Ben & Jerry’s and carry a box of tissues everywhere you go. We’ve got your back. Today, our Houston matchmaking service will show you five expert tips to move on from your breakup in a healthy and productive way.

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1. Get Him Off That Pedestal

When you love someone, well, you tend to put them on a pedestal. You think they’re the best thing in life. You don’t see his flaws even though he has them. Yeah, you might’ve wanted him to him to put the toilet seat down every once in a while, and you might’ve fought every now and then, but for the most part you always respected him. Well, you’re done and through, so it’s time to get him off that pedestal you put him on. He’s not Mr. Perfect, and he’s certainly not perfect for you. It’s time you start thinking about all the things that drove you nuts, all his flaws, and everything that made this relationship come crashing down.

2. Do a Full Detox

Sure, he might have sent you adorable text messages and written many sweet posts on your social media accounts, but that’s all useless now. The last thing you want to do is cry over these old texts and posts. Do yourself a favor and do a full detox. Remove him from your Facebook friends, delete all the text messages and photos, and get rid of anything that reminds you of him. You don’t need that in your life right now. You need to get him out of your mind, so you need to get rid of all these relationship reminders that bombard you every day.

3. Talk, Talk, Talk

If you’re sad or upset, or even a little bit confused about how things ended in your relationship, then it’s time to talk to some friends or family. Call your mom, sister, or bestie. Meet them for a quick coffee or a few bottles of wine at night and get it all out. Hey, you just got dumped, it’s okay. Get the words out and don’t hold back. Getting all your feelings out and having a good cry (and a few laughs) with your friends and family is going to pick you up in no time.

4. Don’t Date Right Now

Your friends might advise you to go out on the town with them so you can pick up a new guy, but don’t do it. You might think a rebound relationship is exactly what you need right now, but we’re here to warn you it’s not. You’ll feel worse than when you started. Once you start comparing your new guy to your ex, you’re just going to miss him even more. Focus on your friends, family, and career, or simply stay home and watch reruns of Sex in the City. Forget dating for now. You’ll know when you’re ready to get back out there, now is not the time.

5. Get Away

Maybe you can’t afford a lavish vacation right now, and that’s okay. You don’t need a lavish vacation to clear your mind and escape for a little. All you need is a quick getaway to a nearby city to visit a friend. Just because it’s only two hours away doesn’t mean it’s not a vacation. Don’t rule out staycations either. Staying at home for a day or the whole weekend watching reality TV can do wonders for you right now. It’s okay to disconnect from the world, especially when you’re going through a tough breakup.

Heartbreaks don’t just hurt, they also feel impossible to get over. But as matchmakers, we know you’ll be back on your feet in no time. Follow these five tips and you’ll be feeling better before you know it. Just remember that you can’t rush the healing process. Take it easy and give yourself plenty of time to get over your ex.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded men in Houston, contact our expert matchmakers and let us make the introductions. It’s time to outsource your love life to the #1 Houston matchmaking service and find the love you deserve. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!



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