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There’s absolutely no point in lying about it, we’ve all done it – some of us do it more than others. White lies are seemingly harmless until someone calls us out on them. At that point, there’s no avoiding the spotlight.

While some women will say that it’s rare that they tell anything other than the truth, that, in and of itself, is really a lie. Everyone has muttered a little lie at some point in their life. But most of the time, we’re letting white lies slip when we’re talking to our partners.

There’s nothing wrong with it, necessarily. But that doesn’t mean we’re not about to finally face all the white lies women are famous for telling their guys.

Today, our Houston matchmaking service is going reveal the small lies women tell their partners. If you’re female, we’re sure you’ll be snickering to yourself as you read this dating blog.

1. That she dated half the man as she really did.

Whoops, this is a big one. For some reason, most of the female population is worried about the number of guys they dated, which tends to result in them lying about it.

Through no fault of our own, society has taught that the fewer people we have been with, the better we look to our new partners. Not to mention, there’s no way of knowing how many people your partner has dated, so it just makes sense to go with a number on the lower scale, right?

2. That her shopping spree wasn’t really expensive.

For those in long-term relationships, this is a lie that we all know too well. Those of us who share a bank account know it even better. And those with a shared bank account try even harder to get away with it. Shopping is in our DNA. Hey, everyone has a vice.

The bad news is, most of us are pretty weak when it comes to fighting the urge to shop. The need just takes over us. And before we know it, there goes 500 dollars on a new purse. Oops!

3. That she doesn’t think of her ex.

It’s human nature to think about our past relationships, and we women are famous for overthinking everything. Despite what we might say about our exes being in the distant past, that doesn’t mean we don’t occasionally think about them.

Anyone you’ve had a history with will always be floating around your memories somewhere. So if nothing else, there will usually be at least a brief second when we think about where they are now in life. However, it doesn’t mean you love them or want to get back with them.

4. Telling your partner he is the best at everything.

It’s the sad truth. But many times, when we compliment a guy on something and tell him he’s the best at everything. No harm, no foul – it’s just a tiny white lie. It doesn’t mean that our love is any less for him or that there’s not some truth to that – it’s just what we do to boost the confidence in our partners.

How many of these little white lies have you told your guy? Do you have any others you would like to share with our readers?

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