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Summer is often thought of as the season for finding love, embracing new romantic flings, and other casual companionship. But our Katy matchmakers know it’s also the time where many people start to rethink their established relationships.

A particularly hot summer, especially here in Houston, Texas, can mean rising tempers, irritability, and other emotional influences that don’t necessarily help us out when it comes our relationships. And, as we know from past experiences, the way that we feel is often similar to the way our partner feels.

Are you feeling like something is a bit off in your relationship? Do you sense some irritability lately?

Today, our Katy matchmakers are going to reveal the top warning signs he’s not happy with the way the relationship is going.

1. He is second-guessing everything.

The biggest thing we need to pay attention to is the way he talks. He might be making some second-guessing type of comments lately that catch you off guard. We all know what it’s like to be with someone who second-guesses everything. We buy that low-cut shirt only to reconsider our decision the very second that we get home. That can happen with relationships, as well.

If your boyfriend starts second-guessing being together, it’s a sign that he isn’t happy with the relationship. Sometimes, it’s just cold feet and can be cleared up with one-to-one conversation. Other times, however, it’s a sign that you need to let him go. It’s your job to decipher his iffy comments and decide whether he’s serious or just irritable in the moment.

2. He doesn’t want to merge friends/family.

This is an action that came up in nearly all the research we have done. Does it seem like anytime you bring up family dinners or group dates with your friends he gets quiet and makes an excuse? This is a sign that the longevity of the relationship isn’t to the degree you thought. He is definitely not interested in the relationship for the long-term.

It’s just common sense, right? If we love our partner, we want them to get to know the people we love the most in life. His reluctance to bring you around his friends and family tells you everything you need to know.

3. He talks to his ex all the time.

Obviously, exes are a touchy subject for many people. Talking to exes and keeping them as friends is an even touchier subject. This is one of the biggest warning signs that a relationship might be on its way out. This is especially true if our partner has reconnected with an ex while going through relationship problems with us.

However, we also recognize that it can be friendly, especially if our partner was friends with his ex-girlfriend long before we came into the picture. Talking to exes might not be okay for everyone, but we wouldn’t worry unless it was out of the blue that they reconnected.

4. He doesn’t fight for the relationship anymore.

Ultimately, it all comes down to one thing: fighting for the relationship and wanting to save it. When one partner throws in the towel, it means that they do not care for the relationship anymore. If you have someone who is fighting for the relationship, you have a keeper.

5. He lost the spunk he once had.

Did your guy used to be happy-go-lucky? Was he vibrant and full of life when you first started dating? If your guy used to be spunky and fun to be around but has slowly lost that vibe, it’s time to wonder why. Has the relationship sucked the life out of him? This is especially worrisome if he’s lively around his friends and other people but a downer when he’s with you.

If he seems to be lackluster all the time, this isn’t a surefire sign he’s over you and the relationship. But it is a sign that cannot be ignored. It’s time to sit down and have a talk to get to the bottom of what’s going on with him. Is he facing troubles at work or in some other area of life? If so, it’s your job as his loving girlfriend to support him and help him work through it.

If you’ve been suspicious of your guy’s happiness in the relationship, keep an eye for these five warning signs. Do you see any of them with your guy?

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