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First dates are known for being awkward. You’re sitting across from someone you don’t know much about, which is awkward enough on its own. Add in trying to determine whether you like them enough to go out with them again and things get worse. Unfortunately, our Katy matchmakers know it’s never going to be completely easy and stress-free.

However, you can make it less awkward.

Are you one of the thousands of singles in Houston looking to make dating less stressful? You’re in luck! Today, our Katy matchmakers will show you how to avoid being awkward during a first date.

1. Remember why your life is great.

Before you meet him for a cup of coffee, take a stock of your life. What’s awesome about it? Your family, your cat, your best friend? Maybe you love your condo, your new car, or your career. Keep those things in the forefront of your mind while you’re out with your date.

Thinking about all the great things about your life will ease your mind. It should remind you that you are a great catch. And even if the date doesn’t go well, you still have many wonderful things in your life.

2. Picture the worst-case scenario.

Okay, we don’t want you to obsess over the worst thing that could happen to you. Not at all. But really, ask yourself what’s the worst thing that could happen? He won’t like you and wont’ ask you out again? She won’t accept your second date invitation?

This Is the time to remember step number one. You have many wonderful things happening in your life that bring you a lot of happiness. Even if the date doesn’t go well, you’ll still wake up tomorrow with a great career, tons of friends, a great family and many other wonderful things. Life is great!

3. Ground yourself.

This one might sound a little silly, but it’s actually a great way to avoid being awkward during a first date. If you tend to be super nervous before a first date, bring or wear an object that reminds you of your reality. When you get too caught up in your head, touch your grounding object to bring you back down to earth. Remind yourself of your wonderful life. Remember that the worst thing that can happen during a first date isn’t that bad at all. Doing this will allow you to live in the moment and enjoy the evening regardless of the outcome.

4. Be yourself.

It might sound like the most cliché dating tip out there, but it’s true. There’s nothing more awkward than someone who’s clearly trying to be someone they’re not. Don’t tell him you love football if you hate it, and certainly don’t apologize for who you are. Don’t tell her you love cats if you’re allergic and never been around one in your life. Anyone who is worth your time will respect your opinion. Why would you want to date someone who doesn’t like you for who you are?

5. Don’t take it so seriously.

Okay, we know you want to find love. With that being said, it makes this tip that much harder. But seriously, you have to stop taking every date so stinking seriously. This is why first dates have grown to be so awkward and nerve-wracking. If you follow just one piece of advice from our Katy matchmakers, we hope it’s this one.

Again, ask yourself what’s the worst thing that could happen? You don’t like them, they don’t like you, and it’s a horrible first date. So what? So then you never see them again. But then again, maybe something truly magical could happen. Maybe they’ll be the one you’re been searching for. But you can’t pinpoint that on one date. So just relax and have fun getting to know them. Stop questioning all the what ifs and imaginary scenarios in your head.

First dates will always have a bit of awkwardness, but you don’t need to add to it. Follow these first date tips from our Katy matchmakers and get out there and have some fun.

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