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 Younger and older men are a little bit different when it comes to dating. Of course, there are plenty of older men out there who behave like 21-year-olds, but let’s not talk about them in this article. For the most part, older men are experienced, and not just in the bedroom but in all aspects of life and relationships. If you’re wondering how to tell if an older man likes you, this dating blog is ideal for you.

How to Know If an Older Guy Likes You

He’s already done with his college routine, he’s been through the bad boy phase, and he’s experienced his fair share of relationships, so it’s safe to say he has a lot of knowledge and experience under his belt.

Now, this might prove to be intimidating if you’re a little younger, but don’t psych yourself out. Sure, he’s lived longer than you, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t experienced life as well. But you might be wondering how to date an older man, right?

Do older men behave differently than younger ones? If so, how can you tell if he likes you? Today, our Lake Jackson dating service will reveal the telltale signs this older man is really interested in you.

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1. He Tells You

He’s older, he’s been on many dates before, and he’s seen his fair share of women. So if he likes you, he’ll have no problem walking up to you and telling you how he feels. He might not jump for it right away, but he’ll wait for the perfect moment to tell you how he feels. Older men know that if they don’t make a move, they’ll lose out on the perfect opportunity.

2. Everything Isn’t About Sex

You might be confused since younger men tend to be more motivated to have sex, but things are a little bit different for older men. He’s been with plenty of women in the past, so sex isn’t a problem. If he is into you, he’ll appreciate your mind, humor, and everything that makes you who you are. So if you’re looking for a guy who comes on strong for sex, he might not show any of those signs. This guy will compliment your work ethics, style, and intelligence.

3. He Compliments You

He won’t walk up to you and say, “Nice booty,” or “Nice breasts.” Come on, ladies, you’re talking about a gentleman here, someone who has high standards and knows how to compliment a woman. Though his compliments will not sound juvenile, they’re on point and will be genuine and heartfelt.

4. He’ll Open Up to You

If he’s older, he’s probably had his fair share of breakups. That being said, he’ll have no problem opening up to you about them. If you notice that he has no troubles opening up about personal topics, that’s because he’s mature. And it’s also a sign he trusts you and is comfortable with you.

5. He Messages You But Gives You Space

An older man appreciates space. Sure, he’ll send you a text after work to see how your day went, but he also respects your space. Women who are used to talking with younger men might see this as a negative because a mature man doesn’t like to text for hours. But that’s because he appreciates your time and his.

6. He Gives You His Attention

He is not glued to his phone on Instagram or Facebook when you’re on a date. When you’re with him, he gives you his undivided attention. He will not be concerned with what’s happening around him because his attention will be focused on you. And as matchmakers, we know that’s the ultimate sign of respect for you.

So now that you know the signs he’s into you, all you have to do is compare them to his behavior. The next time you’re hanging out with him, all you have to do is put the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out if he likes you. If he is, in fact, into you, it’s time to work your sophisticated charm and enjoy the perks of dating a true gentleman. Get ready to experience what it’s like to be valued and appreciated in a relationship.

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