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Do you have serious doubts about the course of your relationship? Today, our dating and relationship experts here at Houston Singles Dating Service will review the signs your girlfriend has fallen out of love with you.

It is very hard to come to terms with changes in behavior in your girlfriend, but whether you want to know whether this actually means your relationship is headed for the hills, read through our helpful guide that will let you know she’s not in love with you anymore. Analyze her behaviors and gestures to know more about the fate of the future of your relationship.

How to Know She Has Fallen Out of Love

Before you turn into a bucket of tears, make sure you are 100% sure that she isn’t in love with you anymore. Today, leading matchmakers in Houston will review the signs your girlfriend is no longer in love with you.

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1. She Checks Out Other Men

It’s no secret that men and women both check out the opposite sex; after all, there is no law when it comes to looking. However, if you noticed that your girlfriend has started to check out men in a way that is disrespectful, then it might be because she’s losing interest in you or has already fallen out of love.

2. She Stopped Paying Attention to You

She no longer listens when you speak. She doesn’t remember the things you told her, almost like she has zoned you out. During arguments, she’ll agree with you just to get you to shut up. When you tell her you want to end the relationship, she says it would be the best decision.

3. She’s Become Mrs. MIA

Your girlfriend used to be available at all times, but recently, she’s become Mrs. MIA. If she has started taking on more loads of work or her schedule has suddenly become so packed she can’t see you, then it might be because she’s falling out of love with you.

4. She Doesn’t Respond to Your Calls

She used to check in with you every day during her lunch. Now, those midday calls never come in and her sweet text messages have vanished. This one could be hard to say, because she could be busy at work or doing something else, but if you call her and she doesn’t respond, or you message her and she’s short with you, then leading matchmakers in Houston know it’s likely because she’s lost interest.

5. Nothing Bothers Her

It used to bother her that you left the toilet seat up or that you always put your wet towels on the bed, but nothing seems to faze her. It’s almost like she doesn’t care what you do. Why? It’s because she stopped caring for the relationship.

6. She Doesn’t Show You Any Affection

She used to hold your hand when walking down the street, she would kiss you when walking in the door, and cuddle you when watching movies, but now, that is all gone. Leading matchmakers in Houston know these are major signs she’s lost interest in you. If she was once glued to you but doesn’t even get near you now, then you know she has fallen out of love.

7. She’s Not into Sex

Okay, maybe your girlfriend wasn’t the one to initiate sex all the time, but she sure went along with it and enjoyed it. Now, when you want to initiate it, she always tells you she’s tired or not in the mood. You can’t even remember the last time you had sex. If your girlfriend has stopped the intimacy in your relationship, it might be because she’s interested in another man or is already sleeping with him.

8. She Doesn’t Want to Talk about Her Feelings

She used to tell you how she felt, she was an open book with you. But lately, you cannot even get her to tell you about her day; it’s almost like she has closed herself off. Women who are no longer in love with their boyfriends will not want to share their feelings with them. If this is the case, she could be sharing it with someone else.

9. She Doesn’t Compliment You

She used to tell you that you looked great in your suits when you left for work in the mornings, she told you how handsome you were when you just got a fresh haircut, but now she doesn’t notice anything about your appearances, even if you were to dye your hair red.

10. She Doesn’t Want a Future with You

Most people in relationships, especially women, are excited to talk about the future. And if we know one thing about women, it’s that they enjoy talking. Whether it be that she can’t wait for the BBQ at her parent’s house this weekend or that yearly trip to Cancun, she when a woman is in love, she will talk about the future.

If your girlfriend doesn’t talk about anything anymore, it might be because her future doesn’t include you.

Here at Houston Singles Dating Service, our matchmakers don’t want you to sell yourself short. You need to realize that she is not in love with you and move on to find someone who appreciates you for who you are. You need a partner who doesn’t take you for granted, someone who sees a bright future with you.

No one deserves to be in a relationship with a partner who doesn’t love them back. If you are ready to find someone who loves you, our dating experts have quality women who are ready to meet you.

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