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Relationship issues? Let our Oak Hills matchmakers help!

It’s time we stop ignoring these relationship red flags and start figuring out what to do about our love lives. We’re so over pretending everything is going well when it just isn’t.

It seems like he’s just not putting in as much effort as he once did, and neither are we. He’s in his own little world and couldn’t care less about what’s going on in the relationship. There seems to be something on his mind and we just can’t figure out what that is. Instead, we’re left to deal with this major problem that we just can’t figure out.

You see, rather than pretending that everything is fine in your relationship, you have to enter back into reality and see what’s really going on here.

Things are going to fall apart unless you do something about it.

Today, our Oak Hills matchmakers are going to reveal the biggest relationship red flags.

1. Being together feels like a chore.

You know that everything is going downhill when you start to feel like spending time together is more like a chore. The moment when it feels like you’re being forced to spend time with your lover is the exact moment when you should seriously consider ending the relationship.

2. His ex still manages to get in the way.

There is absolutely no reason why his ex should still be around. If he still hasn’t fully resolved issues with her by this point, he never will. If he’s trying to claim that they’re just friends, that isn’t going to work. Basically, it’s time for her to fully be gone.

You’re not about to wait on your boyfriend to figure out old issues with an ex. That is all in the past – at least it should be – and shouldn’t be getting in the way of your relationship.

3. The same old problem can’t get resolved.

It feels like we’re constantly having to deal with the same problem over and over again. We just can’t seem to figure them out and they’re taking control of the relationship. We’re just so over this and are at the breaking point.

However, the truth of the matter is that your boyfriend is just not willing to put in the work to fix the problem. There is really no point in trying. If the same conflict keeps coming up again and again, that simply means that you and your boyfriend need to break up. We can’t keep pretending that everything is going great when it clearly isn’t.

4. He is private about his phone.

We’re getting a little worried over what’s inside that phone. It seems like whenever we get remotely close to it, he quickly puts it away. He’s 100% hiding something from you. If he isn’t hiding something, why is he being so possessive of his phone all the sudden?

This issue isn’t about trust. Instead, your man is acting super shady by hiding something. You’re getting the vibe that he’s talking to a new girl.

How many of these relationship red flags do you see with your man? Has this relationship hit a dead-end? Is it over?

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