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Robi and Renee

My entire experience with Robi from the beginning has been amazing. He is a sweetheart.  We bring each other lots and enjoyment and laughter. Please change my membership and put me hold. 


– Renee

Mark seems like a great guy! He is young at heart. He loves adventures and has such a great sense of humor. He seems like he knows how to enjoy life and have fun. He is also family oriented, which is very important for me. We bonded over the importance of our family.  I’m really happy that I found someone who loves having fun and someone that I can share adventures with.   Mark is the type of companionship I’ve been looking for.

– Jo


I took Soni on her first sky diving trip!  I’ve been having so much fun with her. Thank for introducing us!

– Richard

Jo is every thing I want in a woman!  She’s truly beautiful on the inside and out. From our first date, I knew she was special and different from any one else I had been out with.  We have plans to do a all kinds of fun stuff together. Im always excited to see her! Jo is exactly what I needed, thank you for bringing her into my life!

– Mark

Arthur and I got married at March 9,2014! Thank you again for bringing us together Houston-Singles.

– Laura

Andy and Amy

I’m so thankful you put Amy into my life. Houston Singles is very special to us!

– Andy

I want to thank you for introducing me to Jim. he is a wonderful person and is so kind to me. We have so much fun together. I would like to go on happy hold to see where this relationship goes. Thank you for the perfect match!

– Phyllis

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